Architectural Regeneration

A major redevelopment of National Portrait Gallery, London, is undertaken by Jamie Fobert Architects.

Natural Consideration

For contemporary architects, water is a complex tool through which one can sculpt and re-imagine domestic structures within organic environments.

Aesthetica Issue 81 Available Now

The new issue, Beyond the Horizon, pays homage to the power of the individual, demonstrating how what makes us special is our ability to innovate.

Cultural Perspectives

A new book published by Prestel delves into the recontextualisation of images, considering how photography creates layers of understanding.

Cultural Synthesis

Büro Ole Scheeren’s Guardian Art Centre, Beijing, is an hybrid institution that combines culture with public functions.

Creative Regeneration

KAAN Architecten’s vision aim sto combine existing structures with a fresh, contemporary layer dedicated to the creative industry.

Iconic Geometry

A collection of Sean Scully’s abstract paintings form the first exhibition to take place in Luis Barragán’s Cuadra San Cristóbal.

Alternative Modernism

Hatje Cantz’s new publication celebrates architect and designer Lina Bo Bardi’s 100th anniversary,

Interrelated Spheres

Museum der Moderne, Salzburg, examines the changing notion of space through its representation in photography.

Experimental Investigation

MAXXI Museum, Rome, honours visionary architect Zaha Hadid with an exhibition foregrounding her relationship with Italy.

Pictorial Clarity

An exhibition of Axel Hütte’s early work tracks his restrained creative practice and interest in architectural forms, spanning 1978-1995.

Renumerated Layers

A recently opened exhibition of Monika Sosnowska at Hauser & Wirth, London, titled Structural Exercises, examines underlying layers of buildings.

Spatial Tableaux

James Casebere’s innovative investigations into the nature of constructed spaces are inspired by world-renowned architect Luis Barragán.

Being There: New Associations

Straddling the physical and the digital, modern life is increasingly hard to pin down. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art explores what it means to be alive today.

Creative Communities

Leeds Arts University has been formally recognised as the new title for Leeds College of Art, having been granted full university status by the Privy Council.

Shifting Methodologies

The technological revolution has inspired developments across all creative disciplines, creating reciprocal design relationships.

Deutsche Börse: Universal Systems

The four artists shortlisted for this year’s prize respond to the pervasive nature of information in the accelerating digital age.

Sensory Disconnect

Jeanette Hägglund is a Swedish photographer based in Uppsala who has worked in the industry for 12 years across advertising and portraiture.

Liminal Exploration

Both universal landscapes and personal experiences are represented in a new publication that considers the wider effects of architectural tourism.

Living Metropolis

Capturing locations including Hong Hong, Paris, Tokyo and Chicago, Michael Wolf documents every day life in mega-cities.