Contemporary Myths

An image can function in many ways. Allison Beondé explores the nature of photographs through an investigation into Roswell.

Undefined Locales

An exhibition of eleven Finnish artists explores notions of individual, collective and social memory in the digital age.

Gursky: A Kaleidoscopic Vision

“I only pursue one goal: the encyclopedia of life.” Urban, global, local or commercial, a unique form of photography delves into the contemporary world.

Artists’ Directory: Video Profile

Yuko Mizobuchi is a Tokyo-based multimedia artist. She works primarily with permanent paint markers, watercolour ink, Japanese Sumi and carving on wood board.

Optimistic Journeys

A retrospective of works by Elliott Erwitt at Salon taidemuseo Veturitalli, Finland, provides a unique view of life during and after wartime.

Interactive Transformation

Light has the power to transform nocturnal landscapes and deliver unique messages. Lumiere London brings together such innovative artworks.

Eliasson: Collective Engagement

Art has the potential to make ideas tangible. Olafur Eliasson aims to turn abstract concepts into palpable structures, engaging with the public sphere.

Irving Penn: Profound Simplicity

Irving Penn began his artistic journey when photography was primarily used as a mode of communication. C/O Berlin celebrates his career.

Webb-Ellis: Universal Languages

Notions of what it means to be human are constantly shifting. Multidisciplinary AAP artists Webb-Ellis discuss their recent, constantly evolving, projects.

Forging Connections

A collaborative exhibition at Silver Eye Center for Photography, Pittsburgh, explores the work and life of Sandra Gould Ford.

Stephen Shore: Forgotten Objects

A selection of new work by renowned photographer Stephen Shore is foregrounded at 303 Gallery. Embracing new methods of image-making, the artist’s recent series is…

Artists’ Directory: Video Profile

Trained as an architect, Portuguese artist Cristina Rodrigues combines social concerns, ethnography and gender relations in her practice.

Incandescent Youth

A retrospective at Fundación MAPFRE, Madrid, explores Ed van der Elsken’s oeuvre, capturing youth culture in major cities.

5 to See: This Weekend

A selection of exhibitions running 23-24 December engage with the shifting ways in which human beings experience the world.

New Artists: December 2017

The December picks look at the backbone of visual representation. Featuring recognisable and alienating landscapes, each image re-assesses space.

Suburban Quotidian

Welcome to the Dollhouse comprises a selection of objects that examine notions of domesticity, shedding light on overlooked everyday items.

Scientific Abstraction

Spencer Finch’s light installation forms an accurate representation of the chemical composition of Moon Dust

Playful History

Work by Miles Aldridge features as part of an exhibition at Reading Museum celebrating the Irish writer and dramatist Oscar Wilde.

Iconic Geometry

A collection of Sean Scully’s abstract paintings form the first exhibition to take place in Luis Barragán’s Cuadra San Cristóbal.

Contemporary Visions

The Whiteness of the Whale at Bombas Gens Centre d’Art brings together three bodies of work by Paul Graham.