Translating Nature

Blurring the boundaries between industrial craftsmanship and ecological growth, Stedelijk Museum presents Studio Drift: Uncoded Nature.

FotoReportage: Call for Entries

The Marilyn Stafford FotoReportage Award has just announced an international call for submissions for female practitioners for its second annual prize.

YSP: New Methodologies

YSP invite visitors to download Sculpture Cam, a brand-new web app designed to give people a new way to experience the artworks on display.

Radical Craftsmanship

In an increasingly digital world, a group of practitioners work to keep the bespoke alive at Burning Man, an annual creative gathering.

Innovative Approaches

Early fashion photographer Erwin Blumenfeld used experimental darkroom techniques to create unique and often uncanny images.

Constructed Environment

Noémie Goudal’s images combine staged structures with natural landscapes, questioning the boundaries between artificiality and reality.

Sculptural Intersections

Journeys at Australia House, London, showcases the sculptural work of Shona Nunan and Michael Francis Cartwright, along with their two sons.

Modern Identities

A new exhibition at Yossi Milo Gallery foregrounds work by West-African portrait photographer Sanlé Sory.

The Future of Silhouettes

Images by emerging fashion photographer Erik Madigan Heck feature a strong use of colour, pattern and form.

Dynamic Construction

Perspective Office is a new sustainable building designed by Slash Architects, an award-winning firm that works with a holistic approach.

Uncanny Topographies

A testament to the interdisciplinary nature of photography, Kate Ballis creates unique, colour-drenched images using infrared technology.

Illuminating Simplicity

UK brand SMARTBUNCH launches the world’s first eco-friendly modular light bulb, a design offering flexibility and simplicity,

The New Artisan

Francesca Canepa rallies against fast fashion. She discusses her new collection, one which translates Japanese tradition into minimalist draping.

Unique Geography

An exhibition explores the relationship between the Norwegian landscape and contemporary art, revealing inspiring motifs.

Gursky: A Review

The Hayward Gallery has reopened post-refurbishment with a prodigious exhibition by German photographer Andreas Gursky.

A Poignant Journey

In an ever-quickening urban landscape, Steve Macleod’s new series offers a serene alternative; a true vision of wilderness.

Rewriting the Archives

Offering a critical look at major gallery collections, Hello World questions a primarily Western focus to provide new perspectives.

Vibrant Originality

A collaboration between photographer Parker Day and Polaroid Originals marks the launch of a new 1996 custom vintage camera.

Video Profile: Sweet Clarity Glass Art Studio, Melbourne

Structurally complex and intricately designed, these unique pieces call upon environmental consideration. Through the inspiration of natural forms, glass is transformed as a material through which to re-enliven Art Nouveau.

Art on the Peripheries

What does it mean to be an outsider? This summer, High Museum, Atlanta, shows work by practitioners who have come from non-traditional backgrounds