Immersive Cinematography

Toby Dye’s The Corridor is a love letter to the work of Stanley Kubrick. The video installation has been shortlisted for the 2017 Aesthetica Art Prize.

5 To See: This Weekend

As the Venice Biennale opens its doors, we discover the many exhibitions taking place across the Venetian city, 13-14 May.

Creative Collaboration

Robert Rauschenberg: Among Friends is the first 21st-century retrospective of the artist. MoMA presents work from six decades of his career.

Experiential Composition

Anastasia Schipanova represents a new generation of Russian contemporary artists, who mix expressionism, symbolism and abstractionism.

New Connections

The 16 practitioners who have been shortlisted for this year’s Aesthetica Art prize discuss contemporary themes and methods of working at Future Now.

Structural Influence

[Re]construct demonstrates the ways in which artists have incorporated the materials of architecture through works selected by Arts Council.

Shifting Homelands

As a collateral event of the 57th Venice Biennale, the Museo Correr shows 26 of Shirin Neshat’s portraits from The Home of My Eyes alongside new film, Roja.

Sculptural Solace

Lead airplanes dominate a 1500-square-metre space and converse with a series of paintings in Anselm Kiefer’s installation at Copenhagen Contemporary.

Industrial Legacies

A series of new work by Theo Simpson will be presented at the Webber Gallery Space booth at Photo London, from 18-21 May.

Coexisting Structures

As both architect and designer, Dominika J Rostocka sees interior design as a passionately creative process, but bases an ethos around functionality.

Conceptual Dialogues

Those attending Future Now have the added opportunity of an exclusive invitation to the Private View of the Art Prize Exhibition.

Sustainable Concepts

Shanghai Project’s Seeds of Time takes its title from the documentary of the same name, which shares the exhibition’s call for action regarding climate change.

Visual Anomalies

Esther Hovers’ False Positives features intelligent surveillance systems – cameras that are able to detect deviant behaviour within public spaces.

Colossal Relics

The first major solo exhibition dedicated to the British artist Damien Hirst in Italy since his 2004 retrospective opens across two Venetian venues.

Historic Territories

Anne-Marie Filaire’s Temporary Security Zone at Mucem features a body of work that is dense, engaged, rigorous and monumental.

Revolutionary Design

Design Museum marks the centenary of the Russian Revolution. Imagine Moscow explores the city as it was envisioned by a bold generation of architects.

Exchanging Ideas

At the heart of Future Now is the understanding that bringing artists together encourages discussion, our portfolio reviews reflect this.

Collective Acts

On Kawara’s One Million Years (Reading) opens at Venice Biennale 2017, calling upon volunteers to gather and list dates from the future and the past.

Venice Biennale: Nigerian Identity

The inaugural Nigerian Pavilion comes to the Venice Biennale featuring the work of three leading Nigerian artists and exploring themes of identity.

Seismic Visuals

Joel Meyerowitz: Towards Colour documents a seminal movement away from monochrome into the search for tonal complexity.