MIF: Enduring Legacies

As part of Manchester International Festival, True Faith brings together work by notable artists, such as Peter Saville and Barbara Kruger.

Addressing Diversity

Ahead of a panel at Future Now on the state of the multicultural world, Laurence Sillars expands on the relevance of diversity in his role at BALTIC.

Gregory Crewdson: Palpable Landscapes

Cathedral of the Pines evokes palpable tension in glacial scenes, transforming the rural town of Becket into a spectral land charged with human emotion.

Honar: Universal Resonance

Honar: The Afkhami Collection of Modern Contemporary Art showcases a vibrant country that is producing a wealth of vital cultural expression.

Formal Preoccupation

Featuring key works from throughout Tony Hill’s career, F.E. McWilliam Gallery and Studio showcase five decades’ worth of expression.

Diverse Methods

The Landmark Arts Centre’s Spring Art Fair enables visitors to find a variety of fine art directly from the practitioners, focusing on the individual.

Future Now: While in York

Aesthetica lists 5 Top Restaurants to visit after a long day of thought-provoking sessions at Future Now, soaking up the rich heritage and buzzing culture of York.

Concealed Histories

The Unforgetting is an exhibition of photographs and sculpture that explores the textures of personal memory in relation to the experience of trauma.

Abstract Generation

We speak to curator Sam Cornish about sculpture, painting and colour from the 1960s in Arts Council Collection exhibition, Kaleidoscope, at YSP.

Photographic Reproduction

Luxembourg & Dayan’s The End of Collage, curated by Yuval Etgar, is a captivating survey highlighting the breadth of collage in the 20th century.

Cubic Poetry

Concrete Poetry: Words and Sounds in Graphic Space focuses on the visual, verbal and sonic experiments of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

Future Now: While in York

Alongside the inspiring discussions and the chance to network with those shaping today’s art world, is that it takes place in the beautiful and historic city of York.

Sculptural Essence

Curator Philipp Kaiser transforms the Pavilion of Switzerland into an exhibition titled, Women of Venice, featuring Carol Bove and Hubbard / Birchler.

Geometric Heights

For his new show at Koenig Galerie, St. Agnes, Anselm Reyle has conceived a spacial installation complete with three geometric, kinetic sculptures.

Environmental Restoration

An-My Lê captures current concerns around war and immigration whilst alluding to the past; The Silent General references Walt Whitman’s Specimen.

Power Structures

Cindy Sherman: Once Upon a Time, 1981 – 2011 at Mnuchin Gallery, New York, features more than two dozen works spanning the breadth of 30 years.

Renewed Structures

Cities have become a malleable arena for artists; Jasmina Cibic’s Tear Down and Rebuild was shot in the former Palace of the Federation in Belgrade.

Spacial Fragility

Richard Mosse’s Heat Maps has won the Prix Pictet 2017. The accolade was awarded by Prix Pictet Honorary President, Kofi Annan, at the V&A.

William Klein: Iconic Practice

As part of the 2017 Photo London Commissions, William Klein has been asked to develop a new 18-metre mural for the space.

Cultural Investigation

Art can connect people from a variety of cultures, backgrounds and socio-economic situations. This is called upon as one of the topics at Future Now 2017.