Structural Critique

Examining the changing definition of architecture after modernism, Gordon Matta-Clark’s work offers insight into deconstruction,

Conceptual Subjects

An exhibition of works by Cindy Sherman focuses on existential ideas, exploring dream landscapes, fantasy worlds and deep-rooted fears.

An Otherworldly Residence

Fernando Mastrangelo’s uncanny visual language bridges the boundary between the real and the imagined, offering a surreal experience.

5 to See: This Weekend

From future cities to manufactured histories, exhibitions open 14-15 April surpass the temporal world to offer new visions of reality.

Meticulous Curation

Gillian Hyland, who is part of the Aesthetica Art Prize, crafts highly-stylised images engaging with notions of desire and nostalgia.

Arbus: Intimate Dialogues

n a portfolio completed toward the end of her career, Diane Arbus invites us to look, uninhibited and free from the confines of society.

Responsive Documentation

Magnum photographers offer striking images of the student protests in France during May 1968, a time regarded as the start of postmodernism.

Sublime Landscapes

Ellen Jantzen unearths new states of reality through digital manipulation, looking beyond the surface to reveal new layers of meaning.

Poignant Histories

Uriel Orlow’s Theatrum Botanicum positions the natural world as a stage for politics, profoundly engaging with the impact of colonialism.

Visual Biography

Finnish photographer Elina Brotherus combines her past with tropes from the history of art, forging personal and universal connections .

The Role of Art Prizes

Lumen Prize are attending the Aesthetica Future Now Symposium to discuss how prizes help artists to develop. Carla Rapport expands upon the idea.

Transient Moments

Jocelyn Lee’s portfolio of photographs offer intimate moments, presenting a subtle yet powerful statement about the female experience.

Material Investigations

Mary Corse is known for an interest in notions of perception and celebration of light’s limitless potential; offering a new visual language.

Universal Elements

Seven new sculptures by Mariko Mori are on display at Sean Kelly Gallery. The works investigate the mysteries of the universe.

Sensory Details

Formerly a cinema set painter, Lorenzo Vitturi’s photographic style in infused with performativity. Money Must be Made opens at Flowers Gallery.

Celebrating Tradition

Evora Africa is a celebration of African heritage, offering fresh perspectives on the modern world and the experiences of young people.

Formal Innovation

Offering a comprehensive overview of contemporary photography, a new exhibition presents images which depart from convention.

Multilayered Practice

A new book published by Yale University Press tracks the groundbreaking work of contemporary artist Mona Hatoum.

Future Greats

The 2018 Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition explores the effects of over-consumption, media stimulation and emotional disconnection in today’s world.

An Unprecedented Approach

Pioneering photographer August Sander drew a nuanced sociological portrait of Germany’s inhabitants and surrounding urban landscapes.