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Materials of the Future

As one of the most prevalent creatives in Montreal’s design scene, Ying Gao’s conceptual fashion pieces render the body a carrier for intelligent construction.

Restorative Compositions

Highlighting the unpredictability and power of nature, Kopeikin Gallery presents Kevin Cooley’s latest photographic examination: Still Burning.

Transcendent Snapshots

Robert Buck/Beck’s staged Kodak Instant photographs chronicle moments from the artist’s creative life, pointing towards a larger narrative.

Futuristic Endeavour

Dionisio González’s series offer answers to social problems whilst exploring the intersection between nature and urban spaces.

Creative Disciplines

In an era were the position of the creative sector is challenged by politics, Zealous introduces a new platform to champion artistic innovation.

Expanded Perspectives

Launching in February 2019, Frieze Art Fair’s new Los Angeles edition will take place annually at the historic Paramount Studios

Artists’ Directory: Video Profile

Blending the past with contemporary contexts, Dave Weindorf’s work offers a sense of conceptual and compositional movement.

Evocative Territories

A new collaborative project between FUJIFILM and Magnum Photos investigates the global sentiment of home.

Spatial Qualities

An exhibition foregrounds work by a series of photographers who engage both poetically and visually with notions of reality and space.

Urban Symmetry

A focus on light, colour and composition defines pioneering colour photographer Harry Gruyaert’s oeuvre.

Rapturous Installations

From March, a more intimate retrospective of Yayoi Kusama, 2014’s most popular artist, is on show at Omer Tiroche Gallery, London.

Social Reimagining

New Museum’s 2018 Triennial, Songs for Sabotage, investigates the constructed networks that define the landscape.

Investigative Panoramas

Thomas Schüpping’s panoramic landscapes offer dialogues between civilisations and the environment, investigating human impact.

The Immediacy of Form

The post-industrial landscape of northern England forms the inspiration for Theo Simpson’s innovative blend of photography, sculpture and installation.

Audiovisual Energy

An exhibition of contemporary photography from Africa and the diaspora highlights creative and cultural diversity.

Chronicling Societies

A new volume from Hatje Cantz brings together visual essays exploring the cultural and social landscape of Berlin.

Sublime Topographies

Maroesjka Lavigne records remote corners of the earth, capturing the beauty of desolate landscapes. Her work is at PHOTOFAIRS San Francisco.

Developing Practice

The Jerwood Visual Arts Photoworks Awards exhibition showcases work from emerging practitioners, including Sam Laughlin.

Reinventing Iconography

The Diner is a celebration of a uniquely American design trope, evoking the mythology of the great US road trip whilst providing a functional space.

Forgotten Narratives

Surrounded by a tumultuous climate, Turkish-born photographer Fatma Bucak channels her Kurdish history through an exhibition at Fondazione Merz.

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