Polly Morgan Talks About Endless Plains at All Visual Arts, London.

Ever since we interviewed artist Polly Morgan earlier last month, we have been following her movements as she continues to elevate taxidermy to an art form by creating vignettes that emphasise the romantic beauty of nature. To coincide with the opening of her show Endless Plains at All Visual Arts, London, Crane.tv visited the artist in her studio in Hackney Wick to see Morgan putting the final touches  to her pieces and install the exhibition. Inspired by her recent visit to the Serengeti, Morgan presents the viewer with the grave realities of the cycle of life, showcasing the relationships between the predator, the parasite and the prey.



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  1. Terri

    Taxidermists hollowing out animal bodies and filling the void with other creatures is not anything new, Angela Singer has been making this work for years. However why the taxidermist does this is the interesting thing. There is a message behind singers work, I am unsure what Morgan is trying to say.?

  2. Aesthetica

    Hi Terri

    There’s a wonderful interview with Polly Morgan in the current issue of Aesthetica where the artist talks about the ideas behind her work.


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