Finalists from Aesthetica's Creative Works Competition 2009

Aesthetica’s Creative Works Competition is an internationally recognised event that projects critical insight into the fast paced contemporary art world, making it easier for artists to connect with new audiences from across the globe.

This interchange of inspiration and ideas creates an infusion of creativity, which activates the audiences to take an in-depth approach when appreciating the artwork. With such a wide representation of different mediums, the Creative Works Competition is an excellent opportunity to enhance one’s representation and therefore helps to build and maintain artists’ profile.

Championing new talent in the genres of visual arts, photography, poetry and fiction, the Aesthetica Annual is a publication that will stir your imagination.

Whether you’re a budding poet, superb sculptor, storyteller or an arts enthusiast, the Aesthetica Annual provides a platform to gather inspiration and to get those creative juices flowing.

The Aesthetica Annual reflects art’s greatest power: to comment, debate and analyse the times in which we live. Inside this collection there are 96 artists and writers that span nationality and age, offering a true insight into the creative zeitgeist of our times.

Please have a look at our artists’ work, you can do that by clicking here.

Aesthetica’s Creative Works Competition 2009 Finalists:

Levan Urushadze – Art. Rain Is Coming

Merike Sule-Trubert – Art. Fear

Mia Funk – Art. The Audience

Paul Bursnall – Art. Red Corner

Elissa Ramsay – Art. Sin City

Michael Gutteridge – Art. Peveril of the Peak No.4 (at night)

Emma Gamble – Art. Of Things To Come

Jacob Kulin. Glass II

Salman Alhajri – Art. The Beauty of Arabic Calligraphy Compositions 3

Sally Spedding – Poetry. Den, Winning Entry

Owen Lowery – Poetry. New Two-Tone Brogues

Lynn Roberts – Poetry. Jam

Matt Bryden – Poetry. Come Above Ground

Gill Learner – Poetry. Banged Out

Sharon Black – Poetry. No Magician

Jenny Powell – Poetry. Last Summer

Alan Markland – Fiction. A Cold Wind

Hazel Aduna – Fiction. The Sunchild of Poggie Rom

Louise Beech – Fiction – Winning Entry. Learning To Breathe

James Cole – Fiction. One Piece At A Time

Mary Ann Zammit – Fiction. My Son, my past

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  1. Sally Spedding

    Thankyou, Aesthetica! A really exciting poetry win for me. Have really enjoyed reading and looking at all your other winners' and finalists' work. With such originality and passion, there's hope yet…
    Looking forward to my Arvon course in July – Writing for TV – more excitement. Thankyou again.

  2. Michael Gutteridge

    Thanks for shortlisting my entry Aesthetica and including my work in the Creative Works Annual. In the photo I submitted here, I tried to give a nod to the winning entry and the cover of the annual. The cat was impressed, anyhow. I have an exhibition at the moment until March 10 at Mooch Gallery in Manchester where a copy of the shortlisted painting is shown. Thanks again.

    Michael Gutteridge

  3. Louise Beech

    I get the Annual out (one is a flick-through copy and one is the special, put-away, never to be creased copy!) on a regular basis and read again all the beautiful stories and evocative poetry and look through the incredible photots and works of art. It never fails to inspire. And I will never, ever forget how it felt to read my name as the winner. I really won't.

  4. Ruth Killoran

    Great to get my sculpture shortlisted. I knew it had something quite unique about it and now people are taking me seriously. There is so much talent here in NZ it's hard to get your work noticed…….I have your Annual next to my piece in a gallery at the moment and it's getting a lot of notice…..and my sculpture :)
    Ruth Killoran

  5. Anonymous

    I think that the Aesthetica Creative Works Annual is one of the best anthologies that I've seen in a long time. It's though provoking, engaging, and beautiful. I strongly recommend that you add it to your collection. I wasn't included this year, but nonetheless, I feel like reading the Annual gives me an insight in to current works being created today. Somehow, I feel it creates a community that transcends place. I just love it!

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