Stephen Hall: New York Artist at Work

“I am interested in showing the relationships we all have, whether in time or place. I also try to show the pattern in chaos and, perhaps the overload of information that we are bombarded with in our modern times”. - Stephen Hall

Stephen Hall, an artist who has been working in New York for many years, was recently part of a featured article in the New York Times and a photo essay by photographer Michael Mundy , called An Afternoon With and Gallery and Studio magazine’s Ed McCormick called him “One of our more exciting Pop Surrealists”.

There are no digital prints, photographs, collage, airbrush or projections involved in his work. The subjects and ambiguous light sources are hand painted rows and rows of acrylic colors or tones, going from dark to light in countless layers. All the patterns are drawn first around a cardboard template upon the background field color and then painted tonally to match the background.

A Closer Look at Artist Boopsedaisy’s Work

Boopsedaisy started to focus on photography as a way to release all the creative roadblocks she was finding on her film sets.  “Production can be such a long haul and requires a consistent team effort.  I had felt after a long stint of writing, producing and editing a few projects in a row, that I needed the creative freedom of flying solo.” The results from the first night’s shoot surprised her. Although she hadn’t heard of camera or light painting previously, the images she shot on film lead her to a new passion exploring colour, structure and movement by using only in-camera effects. 

Interview with British artist Steve Slimm

Artist, musician, poet Steve Slimm has conquered most creative expressions, but is now known for his landscape paintings. Having expressed in this medium for over 30 years, he has been recommended in art foundation studies since 2009. Dismissing formal schooling at 16 in favour of self-education, Steve embarked on various studies, including art; and at 60 he now enjoys the assuredness of autonomous experience. Steve’s thrill is improvising music, dancing, and seeing through the perceptual illusions of life. His art concerns self-reflection and the mystery of earth and its inhabitants. Aesthetica spoke to Steve to find out more.

Interview with British artist Mat Kemp

Mat Kemp is a Yorkshire-born artist currently living, working and exhibiting in London and New York. His sculptures and reliefs combine found and rejected objects with traditional and non-traditional materials. His pieces demonstrate a sense of humour and charm that he considers to be an essential ingredient of life and work. Kemp makes sculptural pieces that reinterpret familiar subjects and materials. He challenges us to examine the visual symbols and incidental forms that we take for granted as we move through our everyday lives, jolting us out of the world we know to somewhere slightly removed from reality. Aesthetica caught up with Mat to learn more about his works ,and what we can expect to see from him in the future.

Insight into Eloise Govier’s Artwork

Eloise Govier is a British artist who divides her time between her studios in Wales and London. She is a painter who uses bold colour combinations to create sculptural canvases rich in texture and movement. Her paintings capture solitary men in cafés, dancers, swans, lakes and fields, and her pieces have been exhibited in the Far East and across Europe. Govier’s work can also be found in private collections across Europe and America. Despite her clear love of the early 1900s Expressionist painters, her distinctive style and innovative palette has led to her work being described as ‘edgy contemporary’, with respect for her work growing, the painter is making a significant contribution to the British art scene. Aesthetica spoke to Eloise to find out more about her colourful palettes.

Interview with British artist Georgia Rose Murrary

“Painting is about externalising the speech of the inner voice; addressing and expressing the soul, allowing the significance of within to have space outside and to exist as part of our tactile, physical reality.” Georgia Rose Murray uses the subconscious to form coherent narratives for paintings. She clarifies its messages by analysing and depicting them in conjunction with her subjective experiences, through the act of painting. The content of Murray’s paintings and the techniques used to express the narratives are equally important. Powdered pigments mixed with oil paints and a base of white or black household gloss, applied with expressive brush strokes to boards, are the core components of her paintings. Aesthetica spoke to Murray to find out more about her influences, and the inner workings of her creations.

A Closer Look at Anton Smit’s Work

Anton Smit is an established South African sculptor, widely known for his overwhelming heads and monumental sculptures. His body of work comprises human figures, heads, masks, speed figures and abstracts, using mostly steel, metal, sand casting, fiberglass and also bronze. His graceful statues have been shown and sold overseas – in Singapore, New York, Amsterdam, California, Bonn, Hamburg, Greece, Dubai and Koln in Germany. Anton forms his own language through sculpture, the manifestation of his passion for expression and his profound faith. His work aims to discover miracles and thus focuses on the interruption of regularity, on those moments that are deeply irregular, the moments that stand out.

Interview with artist David Johnson

David Johnson makes installations, usually using existing objects with projections or light.  His work is concerned with the basic nature of reality: mind and world, spirit and matter, being and nothingness: a sort of concrete metaphysics.  It is both matter and metaphor. David’s philosophical stance is quite idealist, so he is often concerned with the invisible. He doesn’t believe there is anything beyond this world but wants some sort of spirituality – an art which is contemplative and has the density of poetry.

Interview with artist Kari de Koenigswarter

Born in Mexico, Kari de Koenigswarter works in Edinburgh. Her art centres on land, sea and skyscapes, from the macro to the microscopic. Exploring the world through the medium of beeswax and raw pigments gives her an understanding of how it evolved. Aesthetica spoke to Kari to find out more about her work and future plans.

A Look Through Artist Jack Beswick’s Work

What strikes you first about the works of Jack Beswick are the strong slabs of colour that dominate the space. There are clear references to hard edge landscape elements that have been abstracted, but more in the context of defiance. A bold sense of stubborn authority pervades over the more subservient postures of adjacent shapes, these rhythmic marks made not with a brush but Beswick’s  preferred range of Harris paint guards, somewhat similar to a squeegee but three sided and blade like. Aesthetica spoke to Jack to find out more about his work and future plans.

Interview with Australian Artist Patricia Casey

Patricia Casey is an Australian artist whose work combines photographic montages with embroidery, to create complex images that are both seductively beautiful and psychologically unsettling. Exploring the themes of memory, dreams and imagination, her work has been exhibited and collected internationally. Patricia’s work makes reference to the historical tradition of memento mori in which a lock of human hair, embroidery, fabric, or ribbon are used to decorate the frame or surface area around a treasured photograph, thus transforming the image from a thing of the past to an object of the present.  The photographs are handled and touched, the surface disrupted by the stitching. Aesthetica spoke to Patricia to find out more about her work and her future plans.


Interview with artist Cecil Gresham

American artist Cecil EciAm Gresham, works predominantly with DLSR and SLR photography, but also has a distinct painting style, absent of structure. His images incorporate an abstraction of facts, going beyond the first layer of matter. through experimenting and independent study. His work has been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions such as: The Lunch Box Gallery Miami, Soho Photo Gallery, Limner Gallery and Artspace MAGQ Gallery. Aesthetica spoke to Cecil about his work.