Alex Noble: Creatures from the Kaleidoscope, Londonewcastle Project Space

At the end of August, Londonewcastle Project Space opens an exhibition of works by Alex Noble entitled Creatures from the Kaleidoscope. Curated by Ryan Lanji and running until 8 September, Noble’s work fuses fashion and art in an immersive landscape of visceral aesthetics. The exhibition began when the artist collaborated with three female musicians and performers who acted as muses for his Mannequink project, shot by photographer Joe McGorty. The results have since taken on a three-dimensional form and will act as a monochromatic introduction to Creatures from the Kaleidoscope.


Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down 11 Days to Go – Mary Humphrey

There’s still time to enter the Aesthetica Art Prize before 31 August, and as we head closer to that date we’re counting down with a run-through of artists selected in last year’s Prize. Today we’re focusing on Mary Humphrey, finalist in the Photographic & Digital Art category with her striking image Roma: Transylvania: January 2011. Through the medium of social, collaborative photography, Humphrey is committed to pursuing her passion for education and the plight of the marginalised.


Review of Sean Edwards: Drawn in Cursive at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

The Queens Gambit is one of the oldest known opening moves in a game of chess, a positional play where you force your opponent to either accept or decline. Entering Drawn in Cursive the viewer is confronted with a similar decision as half of the gallery entrance is covered with MDF. If the visitor moves forward, they are once again confronted with a wall of constructed MDF boxes down the centre of the room. This wall of boxes acts as a screen altering the architecture of the gallery space. Through this intervention, the visit plays a fundamental role in the transformation of objects into artworks as the viewer negotiates the space.

Frieze London 2013: Frieze Talks Announced

For this year’s Frieze London 2013, Frieze Talks will include: Jérôme Bel, Meredith Monk and Stephen Shore as part of the line up of international artists, filmmakers, curators and cultural commentators taking part in Frieze Talks 2013. Frieze Talks is a daily programme of lectures, conversations and panel debates that take place in the auditorium at Frieze London. The talks programme provides a forum to discuss some of the most pertinent issues in contemporary art and culture today. Presented by Frieze Foundation, Frieze Talks is programmed by the editors of frieze magazine, Jennifer Higgie, Jörg Heiser and Christy Lange.


Indrė Šerpytytė, Ffotogallery

Exploring history, individual and collective memory and loss, Lithuanian artist  Indrė Šerpytytė exhibits a solo exhibition at Ffotogallery, Cardiff. Opening 7 September and running until 12 October, the showcase coincides with Lithuania taking up the Presidency of the European Union. Based in London Šerpytytė produces photography relating to her family history and that of Lithuania, her native country, immediately prior to its independence from Soviet occupation.

Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down 12 Days to Go – Jordan Rodgers

The countdown continues as we lead up to the Aesthetica Art Prize 2013. To mark the exciting event in the Aesthetica calendar, we’re taking a look at the longlisted artists from last year’s Prize. Today we’re focusing on artist Jordan Rodgers who entered his video art A Vision of Urban Utopia in the Video, Installation & Performance category. Themes pursued by the artist revolve around the exploration between art and technology as means of recording and documenting everyday journeys made in the evolution of a “Modern Metropolis”.


Review of Haris Epaminonda: Chapters at Modern Art Oxford

Cyprus-born artist Haris Epaminonda has a new exhibit on display at Modern Art Oxford. The exhibit features four screens in a blackened room playing a continuous loop of tableaux filmed in Cyprus. Captured using 16mm film converted to digital, the exhibit is tinged with an air of reminiscence that questions the presentation, expectations and interpretations of cultural rituals.Examining themes that include love, death, dress and the body Epaminonda’s series is set in remote Cyprus both outdoors amongst ruins and inside historic buildings.


Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down 13 Days to Go – Llewelynn Fletcher

There’s almost two weeks left to enter the Aesthetica Art Prize 2013. To mark the countdown, we’re taking a look at the longlisted artists from last year’s Prize. Today’s featured artist is Llewelynn Fletcher whose interactive piece Please Lie Down: Galaxy was selected for publication in the Art Prize Anthology in the Three-Dimensional Design & Sculpture category.


Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down 14 Days to Go – Dareen Hussein

As of today, two weeks remain until the call for entries for the Aesthetica Art Prize draws to a close. We’re continuing our countdown to 31 August with a run-down of artists longlisted for last year’s Prize focusing on Dareen Hussein’s Xochitl, longlisted for Photographic & Digital Art.

Review of Cassie Raihl: Appetites at Dodge Gallery, New York

The pedestal is a sort of prosthesis for objects; it is their feet, their legs. It gives an object strength, lifts it up. Cassie Raihl’s first solo show, Appetites, at Dodge Gallery comprises of variations on the pedestal, negating and reinventing it, while hinting strongly at a more pervasive theme of obsession: bodily perfection and its consequences. Raihl’s sculptures furtively render the object and the pedestal as one unit, precluding any hierarchy of value between the two. Not only do the pedestals depart from typical models (Raihl’s are cast in various foams, opposed to the usual wooden pedestals), but their imperfections engender a lovely distinction from the object they are paired with. Taken as an entire body of work, Appetites is an adroit evaluation of how (or why) hard bodies get hard.

Downfall-2012-Hollie Mackenzie

Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down 15 Days to Go – Hollie Mackenzie

There’s 15 days to go until the end of call for entries for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2013. Today we’re taking a look at Hollie Mackenzie, longlisted for Three-Dimensional Design & Sculpture with her impressive and intriguing work Downfall.


Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival

This September  the border town of Berwick-upon-Tweed will transform into one giant cinema screen for the 9th Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival. Running 25 – 29 September, the event will screen newly commissioned and imaginatively curated films besides hosting installations and other activities. A major element of the programme will be Sidsel Christensen’s new moving image work, Study for Composition X, commissioned specifically for Berwick-upon-Tweed in partnership with Nabroad, the Norwegian Collaborative Organisation for Contemporary Art Abroad.