Irene Fearnside - Bathers I

Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down – Irene Fearnside

The deadline for the Aesthetica Art Prize has been extended for one day to 1 September. A celebration of excellence in art from across the world, the Aesthetica Art Prize offers artists the opportunity to showcase their work to a wider international audience. Prizes include up to £1000 cash, group exhibition, studio space and more.

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Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down, Final Few Days to Enter – Phoebe Salmon

Phoebe Salmon is an artist known for her unusual and adventurous approach to art that conveys intense emotions simply through the use of abstract mark and colour. Employing oils and acrylic as the preferred mediums, her multi-layered and textured artworks project a sense of mystery and depth which invite the viewer to interpret as they wish. Salmon was longlisted in the Aesthetica Art Prize 2012 with her piece Untitled 2.


Review of Laura Buckley: The Magic Know-How, Sheffield

Laura Buckley’s sensory installation at Site Gallery, Sheffield, is separated from the outside world by a thick black curtain, which marks the entrance of the gallery and the end of the bookshop. As an artist who reconfigures the everyday, it is appropriate that audiences have to literally pass through a curtain to reach Buckley’s alternative perspective. And once inside the gallery, the colours, sounds and sights are ones quite contrary to the appearance of outside reality.


Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down 2 Days to Go – Benjamin Nash

Benjamin Nash is a British artist living and working in Strasbourg. His artworks are notably distinctive, centred around sculpture and installation, although he is known to embed photography, collage and painting. In his three-dimensional piece [ ]~ No.7, longlisted in the Aesthetica Art Prize 2012, Nash creates morphing imagery that seems to flow from frame to frame. A tilted chair appears to melt upon its pedestal slipping away into abstraction. Playing upon the fragility of balance as well as the consequences of over-dependence on materials such as oil, Nash’s work has a poignant reference to the social issues of our time.

Visa Pour l’Image, Perpignan

From the end of August until 15 September, Visa pour l’Image is celebrating the 25th festival, which is an achievement outstripping the original hopes of the founders. The festival is an annual, week-long meeting for 3000 photographers, journalists, picture editors, and photo and press agencies. An event that appreciates the photo in its many forms and expressions, its popularity is demonstrated by the vast amount of visitors that take the trip to attend and the 2012 festival set records well above forecasts for the number of visitors. 

Review of Anthony Caro Retrospective at Museo Correr, Venice

The first major retrospective in Italy of the works by sculptor Anthony Caro could not come at a better time. The Museo Correr, located off the iconic saint Mark’s square, assures the artist the attention of anyone in Venice this summer – not just those there for the Biennale. This brings into account a benign parallel to the works going on in conjunction with the biennale, which superficially challenges the artistic merits that have come to raise Caro to the level of a living legend.

Acceptance - Nick Greenwich

Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down 3 Days to Go – Nick Greenwich

Conceptual artist Nick Greenwich, longlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2012, conducts his practice around themes of moral dualism and ontological ruin in human existence. Drawing upon his view of transitory life, Acceptance - entered into the Photographic & Digital category - explores the fate of being fallen souls, simultaneously experiencing faith and doubt. His work further questions the role of the audience, and examines ethical issues related to viewing artworks whereby the onlooker becomes immersed, particularly in representations via multimedia technologies, forcing them to be increasingly deceived by their sense of reality.


Interview with Haroon Mirza, participant in Macmillan De’Longhi Art Auction

This September the seventh annual Macmillan De’Longhi Art Auction returns to London. This year’s event will be held over five days and will include a public exhibition at the Royal College of Art; in previous years artists such as Antony Gormley, Rankin, Tracey Emin and Gavin Turk have all donated their work featured. The money raised on the evening will help support people affected by cancer through funding services. We speak to one of the participating artists, Haroon Mirza, about his practice and her relationship with Macmillan.


Interview with Luciano Benetton, on their new collection – Imago Mundi

As a great traveller and a lover of art, iconic Benetton clothing brand founder Luciano Benetton has extended his passion for entrepreneurial and memorably inclusive fashion into an arena that his family’s foundation is newly colonising: Living Art History. The Fondazione Benetton’s Imago Mundi project is a collection of over two thousand artworks with a 10 x 12 cm format, commissioned by the Benettons of established and emerging international artists, with the goal of uniting the diversities of our contemporary cultures in the widest possible mapping of 21st Century world art, for future centuries to glorify and decode.


Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down 4 Days to Go – Hyung-Gyu Kim

Hyung-Gyu Kim was selected as one of last year’s finalists for the Aesthetica Art Prize, capturing the judges’ attention with his installation Chromaphone II that examines sound/colour associations from across the globe. Kim works through a range of methodologies, employing video, sculpture, sound and electronic components to forge hybrid memories and re-examine those once thought lost. Exhibiting in Japan, Korea and the USA, Kim’s Chromaphone II is the second in a series that explores the phenomenon of synesthesia, an experience of “seeing sounds” and “hearing colours.”


Hand to Earth, Caroline Jane Harris and Shane McAdams, Scream, London

Both Caroline Jane Harris and Shane McAdams experiment with unconventional forms, such as paper, ball-point pens ink and resin, using nature and landscapes as points of departure but with divergent results. Scream, London, is partnering with the British fashion designer Matthew Williamson for this special exhibition. For his acclaimed Spring & Summer 2013 collection Williamson was inspired by McAdams practice. This blend of art, fashion and nature affords a rich context to showcase the art of these two promising emerging artists.

Review of Ron Meuck at the Foundation Cartier pour l´art contemporain, Paris

A background synopsis of Ron Mueck reads something like this – a figurative sculptor whose works are included in significant collections around the world, born in Melbourne in 1958, spent his childhood spare time crafting figures, started his career as a model maker and puppeteer for the television and film industries, entered the world of contemporary art in 1996, and proceeded to exhibit with great success in London, Paris, New York, Sydney and then globally.