Tate launch new UK partnership with EY and major Paul Klee exhibition

On 15 July Tate announced a new partnership with EY (Ernst & Young) who will support the development of three, major autumn exhibitions. With Tate currently dealing with the biggest cuts to funding since the war, the partnership will help to sustain the gallery’s ambitious programme of exhibitions and events. EY, a global leader in transaction, tax and advisory services, welcomed the move, describing it is a “unique relationship” that will contribute to the growth of the UK economy.


The Instability of the Image, Paradise Row, London

The Instability of the Image takes up the task of analysing the idea of representation in contemporary art. Including works from eight practioners, the exhibition runs at Paradise Row from 19 July until 12 September. Curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini, the showcase features works from Sam Austen, Agnieszka Brzezanska, Ryan Foerster, Gabriel Hartley, Israel Lund, Marco Palmieri, Hannah Perry and Max Ruf, the showcase covers a variety of media.


Aquatopia, Nottingham Contemporary

Even in the modern age, 90 percent of the earth’s oceans still remain unexplored. Every time the ocean is further investigated many “new” species are uncovered. Due to the lack of facts surrounding the deep, imagination takes the reins and as such legends of monsters and mermaids have long been popular. The sea has often embodied subconscious fears and unnamed desires and Aquatopia examines how the ocean comes alive in human minds. Running at Nottingham Contemporary, the major exhibition continues from 22 July until 22 September.


Review of Khaled Jarrar, Ayyam Gallery London

Just one step in through the door of Ayyam Gallery, London, the viewer will find themselves face-to-face with an uneven, flaking, grey-brown surface. Looking along the vertical plane it becomes clear that its material is concrete and its form is familiar from numerous newspaper images; it is a model wall, built as a representation of the West Bank Barrier. The wall fills a considerable portion of the room, partitioning the already slim gallery space into two claustrophobic corridors of artworks.


Aesthetica Creative Writing Competition Prizes: Bloodaxe & Vintage Books

The Aesthetica Creative Writing Competition 2013 is open for entries. Now in its sixth year, the competition offers both existing and aspiring writers the chance to showcase their work to a wider, international audience. It celebrates and nurtures creative talent, and previous entrants have gone on to achieve success and recognition across the world. Prizes for the winners of the Poetry and Short Fiction categories include a selection of books by our competition partners Bloodaxe Books and Vintage Books, who have inspired poets and writers for generations. The collection of prize books will provide a platform to gather inspiration and creative writing ideas, helping to propel your writing career onto new ground.


Aesthetica Art Prize Longlisted Artist, Twinkle Troughton

Originally from Coventry, Twinkle Troughton studied Fine Art at Kingston University and has lived and worked in London ever since. Twinkle’s work is inspired by current political issues, the human condition and the past – particularly modern British history. These influences unite to create work which questions cultural habits inherited through generations, evoking both political and emotional themes. Satire can be also found in many of her paintings which functions as a foil to far more serious undertones stemming from her chosen topics. Her main practice is painting, using acrylic on canvas to create both boldly direct and subtly thoughtful pieces alike.

Laura Pannack: Young British Naturists, Leeds

Beginning 17 July, award-winning photographer, Laura Pannack opens Young British Naturists at White Cloth Gallery. Exhibiting a series of photos from a project that spanned three years, she gained access to the world of young naturists in Britain today. The concluding images uncover this relatively unknown aspect of society and examine their everyday activities. 


Chloe Sells: Moth’s Breath at Michael Hoppen Contemporary, London

A new series of photographic works by Chloe Sells titled Moth’s Breath is currently on display at Michael Hoppen Contemporary until 31 August . This exhibition marks the first solo show of Sells’ work at Michael Hoppen Contemporary. Informed by extensive travel, residence and immersion in countries foreign to her, Sells explores the question of how places are defined, while speculating on the consequences of human experience of place. Is a place fixed, or continually shifting? Do people shape the particularities of space as they encounter it? From a distinct orientation, what is revealed about comfort or fear, revulsion or curiosity?


Paul McCarthy: WS, Park Avenue Armory, New York

Paul McCarthy’s megalithic installation at the Park Avenue Armory in New York is the magnum opus of one of the most prolific artists this century. Using the fairy tale of Snow White and the personality of Walt Disney as his departure point, McCarthy weaves a tale that is far more obscene and disturbing. Co-curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist – the star curator – WS is McCarthy’s largest work yet, and is certainly a modern day gesamtkusntwerk. Encompassing the entire Armory (including the main hall, the unfinished side rooms, the balconies, and even the ornamental beaux arts offices up front), the piece coarsely rambles through an institution known for its architectural grace and mammoth size.


Giorgio Sadotti: THIS THIS MONSTER THIS THINGS at Ikon, Birmingham

Since 2010, British artist Giorgio Sadotti has been assembling THIS THIS MONSTER THIS THINGS, an exquisite corpse made from objects produced by fifty-one artist friends and acquaintances, most of whom have had an impact on Sadotti’s identity as an artist. This process of gradual accumulation has resulted in a meta-artwork or a curatorial monster that mockingly presents a complete entity; a Frankensteinian self-portrait, drawn from people who have become familiar with Sadotti and his work over a twenty-five year period.


Interview with Sylvia Adams: Winner of the Aesthetica Creative Writing Competition 2012

Sylvia Adams is author of a novel, a poetry collection, an award-winning chapbook and a children’s book. She speaks to Aesthetica about  her career as a writer and also her experience  in taking part in the Aesthetica Creative Writing Competition last year. Her poem Water was the winning entry in the Poetry category, and was published along with the Short Fiction winner and finalists in the Creative Writing Annual 2013. The deadline for the 2013 competition is 31 August.


Carsten Recksik Presents Four Emerging Artists from Germany

German artist Carsten Recksik has curated an exhibition for BACKLIT Gallery in Nottingham, presenting four emerging artists from his country. The artists included are Boris Dornbusch, Marie von Heyl, Florian Meisenberg and Tim Wolff. As the only international curator in residence at the gallery, the theme of the exhibition  is the consumption of images in modern society and their significance in everyday life.