Home, Short Film from ASFF

Home follows the journey through the subconscious, exploring place and memory from the perspective of a newly-landed Chinese immigrant in Canada. This short, alternative documentary follows Chun Yan as she travels both physically and metaphorically from her past to the present. From China to Canada, Chun Yan reflects on what she has given up while struggling to understand. This production featured in Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF) 2012 as part of the Experimental Films series. There is still chance to submit a short film for ASFF 2013, which runs 7 – 10 November across the city of York. The final deadline for submissions is this Friday, 31 May.

Stephen Willats: Conscious – Unconscious, Oxford

Stephen Willats’ latest exhibit at Modern Art Oxford, Conscious – Unconscious, is a collection of works ranging from 1998-2013. His fourth solo exhibit at the gallery, each work addresses Willats’ persistent interest in the mediation of personal and interpersonal relationships as they manifest in a world saturated with mass production and communication technology.


Bob van Reeth – Architect, Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels

Bob van Reeth, one of the most important postwar Belgian architects and the first Flemish Government Architect from 1999 to 2005, will be 70 this year. BOZAR ARCHITECTURE and A+ look back on his rich career with a retrospective exhibition and an accompanying publication about his work. The exhibition will unveil the secrets of some fifty projects and achievements, via sketches, plans, photographs, documents, models and films. The exhibition begins with his most recent projects (the Holocaust Museum in Mechelen that recently opened its doors to the public) and ending with his first student projects.

Come to Heaven of Hearts, Short Film from ASFF

A poetic film by Linn Karen Forland,  Come to Heaven of Hearts is a short film depicting the inner world of an old woman – a resident of a nursing home. Full of surprising associations, surreal images and saturated colors, the film sets before us a rapturous scene of an old woman at the end of her life. There are angelic little girls, flowery meadows, pink balloons, troubadour violinists, and shameless baths in popcorn. Old age and childhood meet in the magic circle forming a symbolic unity. However, these idyllic pictures are repeatedly juxtaposed with the reality of life at home for the aged: with empty corridors, perfunctory nursing care and lonely life in seclusion.This production featured in Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF) 2012 as part of the Artists’ Films series. There is still chance to submit a short film for ASFF 2013, which runs 7 – 10 November across the city of York. The final deadline for submissions is 31 May.


What is Contemporary? Brancolini Grimaldi, London

Curated by Domingo Milella and Bacarelli Botticelli, What is Contemporary? is now open at Brancolini Grimaldi, London. The group exhibition combines contemporary photography with works of art from the past and includes work from Dan Holdsworth, Lise Sarfati, Clare Strand and Milella alongside antique sculpture, painting and artefacts. With a range of works that span time periods, the show asks audiences to think outside of the usual prescribed categories of art and to re-consider boundaries determined by place and time.

Blind Encounter, Short Film from ASFF

Part of the official selection at Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF) 2012, 10 minute documentary Blind Encounter gives a captivating and inspiring account of a blind busker’s journey through coming to terms with losing his sight. Directed by Kevin Andrews and produced in association with Red Mojito Films, Blind Encounter is a touching portrayal of a man’s response to tragedy, growth and acceptance in his life. As well as ASFF, the short film became part of the official selection in Raindance, Portobello and Encounters film festivals, demonstrating striking imagery and emotional fragility when well-crafted, creates an award winning film. There is still chance to submit a short film for ASFF 2013, which runs 7 – 10 November across the city of York. The final deadline for submissions is 31 May.


Review of Hans Josephsohn, Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Hans Josephsohn died last year at the age of 92. An example of his legacy is currently exhibited at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. We are given to understand that throughout his career, he drew on a 30 000-year-old tradition of figurative tradition. Certainly, the works in the Bothy Gallery, the outdoor terraced area, and the arcadian Formal Garden at YSP capture sentiments related to the archetypal and prehistoric. However, the methods employed by Josephson engaged and display his personal touch with sensuality. Also, he knew the subjects portrayed. They were, we are told, his friends. In this way, the works speak of both personal and universal intimacy.


Matt Greenhalgh: Supermarket Girl, Short Film from ASFF

BAFTA award winning screenwriter Matt Greenhalgh’s touching drama Supermarket Girl was a huge success at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF) 2012. The short film follows the blossoming friendship between two supermarket workers, after endearingly awkward trolley attendant Andy discovers he shares a secret with lost and lonely checkout girl Michelle. Featured in festivals internationally, Supermarket Girl was screened in various venues across York last November as part of ASFF, including the impressive 15th Century Guildhall building located on the River Ouse. Matt also hosted a masterclass at the festival last year, which focused on screen writing and tips on how to succeed in the industry. There is still chance to submit a short film for ASFF 2013, the deadline is 31 May.


Artist Comes First: Toulouse International Art Festival

The Toulouse International Art Festival opens today and runs until 23 June. Promising to be a unique and inspiring event, this years festival is entitled Artist Comes First, which was also the artistic approach to the presentation. The Toulouse programme is innovative  in its long-range planning approach, which can allow for artistic commissions to be site specific – giving time to the artist to create something truly new, challenging and inspiring. This fair’s goal is to be a reflection of the intimate and beautiful town of Toulouse, moving the presentation of art out of tents and into convention halls and historic buildings.

Interview with Thomas Guerrier, Winner of Best Thriller ASFF 2011

With only one week left to register your short film for this year’s Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF), we spoke to festival regular Thomas Guerrier about previous success, plans for this year’s festival and what keeps him entering every year. Thomas makes up one part of the multi-award winning British filmmaking duo the Guerrier Brothers, whose short film Cleaning Up won Best Thriller at ASFF and has screened at festivals worldwide. The deadline for ASFF 2013 is 31 May.

53rd Krakow Film Festival

Opening on the 26 May, the 53rd Krakow Film Festival includes the screenings of documentaries, short films and animations from all over the world. With an outstanding programme of events, the festival will run until 2 of June. This year, in addition to the previously established sections, there will be DocFilmMusic, a competition open to music documentaries. With ten qualifying films,  the director of the best film will win a Grand Prix award – The Golden Heynal.  The usual categories are  the international documentary competition, the international competition of short films and the national competition. 

Photoshopping, Short Film from ASFF

Written and directed by Mark Davenport of Fishmonger Films UK, Photoshopping is a 15 minute dark comedy about Elaine, a woman striving to turn her hobby into a world record. Being photographed with celebrities might seem a rare occasion to many, but for Elaine it’s a full time obsession that results in an expansive collection she hopes to turn into a world record. Coloured with cynical undertones, Photoshopping finds a balance between dark and light-hearted comedy, seeking the top spot at Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF) 2012 as the winner of the Comedy category. There is still chance to submit a short film for ASFF 2013, which runs 7 – 10 November across the city of York. The final deadline for submissions is 31 May.