New online project: Antipodes by Layla Curtis

A new online art project has launched today on alongside a photographic exhibition at Spacex from 18 May. British artist Layla Curtis’ Antipodes is an online and photographic project which pairs webcam images from places on opposite sides of the globe. Curtis’ work has a focus on mapping and the ways we represent terrain and locate ourselves and our movements through space.

Metropolis: Reflections on the Modern City, Birmingham

Collating a significant collection of international contemporary Art, Metropolis: Reflections on the Modern City opens this week at  Gas Hall, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Running from 23 March until 23 June, the exhibition contains over 60 works by some of the world’s most exciting artists. All the works display different perspectives of the modern global city from around the world.


Louis Vuitton unveiles Stéphane Couturier’s first solo exhibition: Mutation in Hong Kong

Louis Vuitton unveiled today Stéphane Couturier’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong: Mutation at Espace Louis Vuitton Hong Kong opening to the public tomorrow, Thursday 21 March. Curated by William Zhao, the exhibition will feature a survey of Couturier’s work with key photographs from the Melting Point, Landscaping and Urban Archeology series, alongside a new series of photographs and videos drawing out the architectural themes and details of the current construction of the Frank Gehry designed Louis Vuitton Foundation For Creation in Paris.

Interview with Fashion Designer, Peter Jensen

Fashion designer Peter Jensen has made the innovative decision to debut his Spring/Summer’13 collection for the first time in Britain at The Hepworth Wakefield. Under the same roof as many of Barbara Hepworth’s works, Jensen uses the artist as a starting point for his newest designs. With contemporary exhibitions from Linder Sterling, Alice Channer and Jessica Jackson Hutchins also celebrating Hepworth’s legacy at The Hepworth this spring, Jensen’s creations offer an alternate response to Hepworth’s body of work, representing her far-reaching influence. On 27 March, Jensen showcases a new angle of fashion and Barbara Hepworth’s vast archive. 


Melanie Jackson, The Urpflanze (Part 2) at Flat Time House, London

Melanie Jackson’s The Urpflanze (Part 2), commissioned by the Arts Catalyst, will be presented at Flat Time House from 28 March. In a series of moving image works and ceramic sculptures, Jackson continues her ongoing investigation into mutability and transformation, which takes its lead from Goethe’s concept of an imaginary primal plant, the Urpflanze, that contained coiled up within it the potential to unfurl all possible future forms.

Between the Lines, All Visual Arts, London

This spring All Visual Arts, Kings Cross is saturated with surrealist sketches, uncanny inks and impossibly detailed drawings. Not just limited to the eight AVA represents, over 21 artists feature in this vast show – ranging from the sublimely grotesque erasure of contemporary German artist Dennis Scholl, to the carefully contoured illustrations of the infamous Salvador Dali. For a show entirely based upon a single medium, the variety is astonishing; as we see here, drawing does not only refer to graphite doodles but instead stands for anything put on a page by expert craftsmanship and the cultivated imagination. AVA’s shows often display a penchant for the bizarre and Between the Lines is no different, with artists from across the globe and centuries brought together by a common theme.

Arrrgh! Monsters in Fashion at Gaite Lyrique, Paris

Lady Gaga famously refers to her followers as “little monsters”, presumably hoping by this to encourage them to reclaim the darker elements of their psyches and feel more comfortable in themselves. She is by no means the first popstar to have urged fans to embrace their idiosyncrasies, but she probably is the only one to have lived so devoutly by her own creed: dressing, acting and music-making like the mother of all pintsize monstrosities.


Interview with Fossil Collective

Fossil Collective are a Leeds-based band duo who next month launch their UK debut album tour. The duo is made up of multi-instrumentalists Jonny Hooker and David Fendick. To date they have released highly acclaimed EP’s On and On and Let It Go both of which have secured the bands must hear and must see status. This April they release their debut album Tell Where I Lie, we spoke to Jonny about the impending tour and what to expect from their album. 


Design Museum Invites The Public To Collaborate On Design For Exhibition

The Design Museum in collaboration with invites the public to commission a new piece of furniture for display in upcoming exhibition, The Future is Here: A New Industrial Revolution, 24 July until 3 November. Anyone can submit a design that responds to the brief, and a shortlist will be compiled by the Design Museum and and posted online for public vote.


David Bowie Is, V&A, London

In the year of his 66th birthday, David Bowie is back at the centre of the public’s consciousness. To celebrate his birthday on 8 January, Bowie released a surprise single, Where Are We Now?, with the announcement of an album, The Next Day which was released 8 March. To add to this recent flurry of activity, the V&A opens David Bowie Is 23 March. With ticket sales that look to be record breaking before the exhibition even opens, David Bowie Is demonstrates Bowie’s ability to continually inspire and interest the general public. In Aesthetica Issue 51 we speak to gallery curator, Geoffrey Marsh about the work behind David Bowie Is and what it was that drew the V&A to exhibit this show.

Exhibitions At Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

The first exhibition of the New Year at Birmingham’s Ikon Gallery sees John Flaxman, Timur Novokov and Nastio Mosquito enter a fascinatingly provocative symposium of culture, history and imagery. The exhibition runs until the 21 April allowing each artist’s work to uniquely illuminate the areas in which they are displayed, leading to an intriguing discourse. Despite there being a variety of completely segregated mediums and subject matters, they irrevocably interact through the viewer’s interpretation and perception of each floor of the building.


Performance / Audience / Film at John Hansard Gallery

Featuring Artists: Oreet Ashery, Franko B, Blast Theory, Ian Breakwell & Ron Geesin, Jean Dupuy, Rachel Gomme, Dan Graham, Joshua Sofaer. Performance / Audience / Film at John Hansard Gallery, aims to look at the different relationships that are established between the artist and the audience within the realm of performance art, examining the role of the audience in relation to the completion and meaning of the work. The exhibition will include early work from the 1970s, involving pieces that played with the ideas of how artists and audiences interact, before tracing the influence of those experiments on subsequent artists and how they have also approached the idea of ‘audience’.