Arturo di Stefano: Lasting at Purdy | Hicks, London

Ever have a moment, just a tiny fragment of time, that you wish could be preserved for eternity?  Not necessarily anything special, beautiful but not mind-blowing, just something that inspires some sort of feeling within.  Arturo di Stefano captures these moments in paint so that they can become Lasting, the title of the exhibition of current works at Purdy | Hicks.

In the Space of the Beholder – Contemporary Sculpture at Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich

Nine rooms in the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich,Germany are currently dedicated to 25 selected works by 20 international artists in the exhibit In the Space of the Beholder – Contemporary Sculpture. Slightly overshadowed at the moment by the success of Women, featuring the works of Picasso, Beckmann and de Kooning, In the Space of the Beholder, is nevertheless an impressive collection of work which has evolved over the 10 year history of the Pinakothek der Moderne.

Image and Identity in Iran: Bi Nam at Ffotogallery, Penarth

Curated by Amak Mahmoodian, Bi Nam is a group exhibition exploring image and identity in Iran. This is the first show in the UK representing the work of a group of contemporary Iranian photographers and it’s only on until 12 May so do not miss it! The photographic and video content of the show explores the cultural and social life of modern Iran, with an emphasis on religion, gender and identity.

© Alex Prager, Courtesy M+B Gallery, Los Angeles

Pulp Fiction: Alex Prager: Compulsion at M+B, Los Angeles

Alex Prager (b. 1979) is an American photographer and filmmaker who lives and works in Los Angeles and New York City. This exhibition features a selection of colour photographs as well as a new short film Le Petit Mort, with accompanying film stills.  It is part of a series of works that is being exhibited simultaneously at two other galleries – Michael Hoppen Gallery in London until 26 May and Yancey Richardson Gallery in New York until 19 May.

Mulberry Interviews Frieze Projects Artists

Mulberry interview some of the artists from Frieze Projects alongside Cecilia Alemani – curator of the project. Focusing on the artworks and how the participants worked with the site on Randall’s Island, the video gives an insight into the work involved with this debut Frieze New York.


The Street as Subject: Street Art

A collision of the traditional and the contemporary is currently being presented at Bradford 1 Gallery. It would seem that Street Art, which has moved on from the painted wall to print-making, has evolved into a resonant and democratic medium of expression and reflection. Certainly here, traditional as well as popular images and modes of communication are subverted, and often with irony. Comment is made on current events and contemporary life. But does the presentation of the Street Art in a gallery, away from direct interaction with the urban environment itself, rob it of greater democratic resonance?

Abstract Typography: Michael Dean: Government

Perhaps unexpectedly, the primary concerns of Michael Dean’s (b. 1977) Government do not include satire, contemporary politics or acerbic finger pointing and it is refreshing to encounter an exhibition with such a value-laden title that is concerned instead with the fundamental worth of the term rather than its party-political resonance.

sadlers wells

Daniel Linehan: Zombie Aporia | Lilian Baylis Studio | Sadler’s Wells Theatre | London

Text by Grace Henderson

Zombie means living and dead. Aporia means logical contraction. The title of choreographer and performer
Daniel Linehan’s latest work is a hybrid of two words that have never been joined together before – at least not according to Google. In Zombie Aporia, Linehan sets out to create unusual hybrids; musical rhythms colliding with opposing dance rhythms, or physical manipulations that result in the distortion of the voice.

Like much of Linehan’s choreographic output, this work is intent on softly obscuring the line that separates dance from the everyday affectations we all use to express ourselves. Zombie Aporia is showing next week on 9 and 10 May. Daniel Linehan talks us through his latest work.

Phil Hession_Sing along, if you can_1

Sara Greavu & Phil Hession: Titanic Toast | Golden Thread Gallery | Belfast

Text by Angela Darby

Of the many urban myths surrounding the Titanic’s legacy one predominant legend describes how Protestant dock workers in Belfast chalked the letters NPH (“No Pope Here”) on the ships bow thus dooming its maiden voyage. Another tale includes a curse of destruction from an Ancient Egyptian mummy named Amen-Ra whose body was on board in the hold. With the Titanic centenary celebrations predictably focusing on the standard facts the curator of Titanic Toast Peter Richards, Director of The GT Gallery, challenged invited artists Sara Greavu and Phil Hession to “explore alternative narratives and the question of how we remember.” 



It’s now only one month until the deadline for The Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2012 (ASFF) and here in the Aesthetica offices, we’re getting very excited. We’ve already had some excellent entries from filmmakers across the world, and with an amazing line-up of masterclasses and networking events with the likes of Warp and BAFTA, ASFF 2012 is going to be truly spectacular!

Time is running out for you to get involved! If you want to take part in this fantastic event, and share your work with an international audience, visit to enter today.

Poppy Bisdee, Measure

The Viewer as Spectator, Subject or Performer | The Catlin Art Prize 2012 | Interview with Poppy Bisdee

Text by Bethany Rex

The Catlin Art Prize, an annual event showcasing the most promising art school graduates one year on

from their degree exhibitions, opens tomorrow at the Londonewcastle Project Space and includes new work by artists who demonstrate real potential to make a mark in the art world during the next decade. Following the publication of the Catlin Guide 2012, the shortlist of artists taking part includes: Gabriella Boyd, Poppy Bisdee, Jonny Briggs, Max Dovey, Ali Kazim, Adeline de Monseignat, Soheila Sokhanvari and former winner of theAesthetica Creative Works Competition, Julia Vogl. Working across painting, sculpture, performance and film, the shortlist is incredibly diverse, however, there was something about the work of Poppy Bisdee that caught our eye.