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Q&A with Last Year’s Winner for Artwork in the Aesthetica Creative Works Competition

Don’t forget, The Aesthetica Creative Works Competition closes for entries next Tuesday!

We’ve decided to catch up with last year’s Artwork Winner, Shadric Toop. His artwork, Alan, is a mixed media work, combining photomontage, varnish, stains, acrylic and oil paint as well as electrical wires and is the front cover image for last year’s Creative Works Annual. The Artwork section is judged by Aesthetica editor, Cherie Federico, and last year’s other winners were Louise Beech (Fiction, Judge, Rachel Hazelwood) and Sally Spedding (Poetry, Judge, Kate North). Read our Q&A with Louise here.

New Prizes in the Aesthetica Creative Works Competition

The Aesthetica Creative Works Competition is drawing to a close soon so make sure that you enter before Tuesday 31st August if you want to participate!

Review of Alex Bunn, Folk Form Taxa, at The Aubin Gallery, London

Review by Elisa Caldarola

Folk Form Taxa, Alex Bunn’s new show, opened last week at The Aubin Gallery in Shoreditch, London. Ten large light box pictures in a dark room confront and attract the viewer with saturated colours, compositional balance, captivating contrasts. They are often pictures of artefacts we are not accustomed to, the result of the artist’s experimentation with techniques and materials. Organic and inorganic are mixed and what looks like a colourful and sharply designed object reveals a more discomforting nature at a second inspection.

Q&A with Last Year’s Winner for Fiction in the Aesthetica Creative Works Competition

As you know, The Aesthetica Creative Works Competition is now open for Entries, and it’s the only UK competition to support both creative writing and artwork.

Keep Cup

Why Not Bring Your Own Cup?

I love coffee. Not instant though. That was one of things that took a while to get used to when I moved to the UK. You’d go over to someone’s house; they’d offer you a coffee and get the jar out of the cupboard and the teaspoon out of the drawer. Now, in New York, out comes the grinder and then into the coffee pot. There is a distinct difference between American coffee and British coffee, although Italian coffee tops the list for me.


New Issue: August/September Out Today

August/September Issue- Extract from the Editor’s Note

When we look back in fifty years, what do you think we’ll remember about these times? Technology is moving quickly; it’s hard to keep up. My new phone isn’t even that new anymore. As a society, we’ve changed – we can access anything we want, create our own user-generated content, and expose ourselves to the world on blogs. There has been a shift in power and we are more in control of our experiences, but this begs the question, what legacy will this leave?