New Symphony: A New Exhibition of Four Leading Sculptors

New Symphony, an exhibition of new works by four leading sculptors opened last week at the Simon Oldfield Gallery in Covent Garden. Artists Tim Ellis, Katie Cuddon, Sam Plagerson and Douglas White are known for their interest in and examination of our contemporary culture and the objects within it, which is a topic that you may have read something about in our April/May issue with the “Popular Culture and the Aesthetic Discourse” feature.

Q&A with Felix Vogel Curator of the 4th Bucharest Biennale

After a half hour discussion with Felix Vogel, curator of the 4th Bucharest Biennale Handlung: On Producing Possibilities, I quickly forget how old he is – probably a good thing considering he is only 23. Nevertheless, his curatorial theme and approach to the exhibition has been nothing short of impressive, and carries a weight of maturity lacking in curators who are much older. Rather than caging extremely well-chosen artist works in an overly-prescriptive theme that essentially directs the viewer, Vogel has taken the more flexible approach, hoping that the exhibition itself becomes a starting point that will independently evolve, rather than reach a conclusion.

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New Issue: June/July Out Today

We are unpacking ideas in this issue. It’s all down to the concept.

In art, we look at the mammoth scale of Jonathan Wateridge’s new show, Another Place, and his clever juxtaposition of reality and fantasy. Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera opens at Tate Modern this summer. Spanning a variety of lens-based media, it offers an illuminating perspective on subjects both iconic and taboo. The Jerwood Contemporary Makers show examines the grey area between art and craft, presenting a conceptual exploration of making. While newcomer, Sean Raggett redefines contemporary portraiture through iconic image making.