Mark Wallinger at carlier | gebauer as part of Gallery Weekend Berlin

Mark Wallinger opens tomorrow in Berlin as part of Gallery Weekend with new works. This is the artist’s fourth show at carlier | gebauer. The first piece, Steine (2010) is comprised of one thousand numbered stones that cover the floor in the main room. Immediately probing the viewer to ask, is there an order to this system? What happens when we number something? However, there’s no taxonomy involved. These stones, with their inherent contrast of human labour and the monumental timescale of geology, catalyse thoughts of mortality, of catalogues of the vanished and the anonymous. 


Short Film Competition Deadline Extended Until 4 May

Over the past few months, and especially the past few weeks, there has been such a buzz in the office! The Short Film Competition has brought filmmakers from all over the world together. We’ve had filmmakers from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and just about every European country!

Pretentious 1, photo by Julian Abrams


The Concise Dictionary of Dress is probably one of the most fascinating installations on right now in London. Combining two of my favourite topics art and design, this show takes on much more than just aesthetics. Opening today in Blythe House, which was originally built as the headquarters for the Post Office Savings Bank, the imposing monolith has been the working store for the V&A’s reserve collections of furniture, ceramics, glass, jewellery, textiles, fashion and fine arts since 1978. Located within its vast spaces, The Concise Dictionary of Dress begins as you navigate a turnstile, cross a corridor and take the industrial goods lift up to the top floor.


Video Art At Its Best: Johanna Billing at Modern Art Oxford

Swedish artist, Johanna Billing’s videos reflect routine, rehearsal and ritual with an emphasis on the fragility of individual performance and the power of collective experience. Billing was born in 1973 in Jönkoping, Sweden. She attended Konstfack in Stockholm where she has lived and worked since graduating in 1999. She became known for video works set in Stockholm such as Project for a Revolution (2000), Missing Out (2001) and You Don’t Love Me Yet performance events (2002 – 2010), which launched her international career.


Sony World Photography Awards 2010 Winners Announced

Last night, the winners were announced for the Sony World Photography Awards 2010 for the professional category, Italian photographer, Tommaso Ausili wins L’Iris d’Or and Vitali Seitz wins the award for Amateur Photographer of the Year. This prize provides a unique view into what’s being created today in the world of photography – from art and advertising to documentary and fine art, poignantly reminding us that images surround us and have become entwined in the everyday.

Visnes, Hanneline Stain_4

A Review of Emerging Painters this spring at Jerwood Space

Yesterday, the fourth and final Jerwood Contemporary Painters exhibition opened at the Jerwood Space in London with great acclaim. This innovative and varied exhibition provides a unique opportunity for emerging artists at a particular stage in their career, somewhere in between student and recognised artist to exhibit alongside their contemporaries. It also provides audiences a rare chance to get a glimpse of future greats, so to speak. The exhibition supports imaginative and vibrant practice in contemporary painting by encouraging young artists during what can be, at times, considered their most creative period.

Sweden, 1971-1

Dorothy Bohm: A World Observed 1940 – 2010

The first major retrospective of the London-based photographer Dorothy Bohm, A World Observed 1940 – 2010, will open this April at Manchester Art Gallery. Bohm is widely acknowledged as one of the doyennes of British photography. She was born in Königsberg, East Prussia (now Kaliningrad) in 1924, and has lived in England since 1939.


East End Film Festival Opens in 2 Days!

I’ve always had my eye on the ball with regards to film, with our editorial focus looking at the interdisciplinary nature of the arts, I feel it’s important to engage with not only what’s happening in the world of visual arts, but also that of film, performance, music and literature. I see all the arts connected – art influences art, and so on and so forth.


The Aesthetica Short Film Competition: 2 Weeks Left to Enter

Are you a filmmaker? Do you want to win some fabulous prizes, cash, and screenings at 6 Festivals in the UK and Ireland, and a weekend with Raindance to boot?The Aesthetica Short Film Competition is well underway, and in fact we’ve attracted entries from all over the globe from Jamaica to Japan, Germany to Finland, USA, Canada, and Argentina to Brazil. The office is buzzing with creativity!


Light, Architecture and Experience

Feelings Are Facts, opened earlier this month at The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) and continues until 20 June. This exhibition marks the first collaboration between Olafur Eliasson, the Danish-Icelandic artist, and Ma Yansong, one of the most prolific Chinese architects. Together the artists have created an installation specially conceived for the space, uniting architecture, light and fog.

One Week Left to See Scotland’s Emerging Artists

I’m planning a trip up to Edinburgh this weekend and I can’t wait to visit the second annual RSA NEW CONTEMPORARIES exhibition. It opened at the Royal Scottish Academy Galleries in Edinburgh on 3 April and continues until 21 April 2010. The exhibition presents 60 of the finest artists and architects selected from the 2009 Art and Architecture Degree Shows, this curated exhibition offers a unique opportunity to see the best of Scotland’s emerging talent under one roof.


Surreal Experiences with Bunny & The Bull

Paul King’s eccentric film, Bunny & the Bull, has been out on DVD now for a couple of weeks, but for those of you who have yet to see it, I thought I’d give you my thoughts on it.

The film follows Stefan Turnbull through his memories as he re-counts an ill-fated trip across Europe with his best friend Bunny last year. Stefan suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder and is unable to leave his flat, where everything is meticulously organised into box upon box. Ed Hogg is superb as an awkward Stefan, living under the shadow of the eponymous Bunny, who is everything Stefan is not. As Stefan comes across various things in his flat that remind him of the trip, we follow the pair across Europe, where they visit such delights as the cutlery museum of Germany before Bunny decides that Stefan is not having fun, steals a stuffed bear and encourages him to give the fiery Spaniard, Eloise, a lift to Spain.