Ann-Marie James 2


Having open on 10th December at First Floor Project in London, Anne-Marie James’ first solo show, Danse Macabre embraces the idea of restriction, both conceptually and literally, James’ series of ten drawings, ‘Limited Means’, was completed using a single blue biro, taking as its subject matter the fragility of the human form.


Samuel Coleridge-Taylor – Life and Music

Guest Blog by Charles Kaufmann, specialist of the life and music of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor.

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (15 August 1875 – 1 September 1912) is the person who set ‘Kubla Kahn’ to music. Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote the poem.

I’m looking at five photos from the 1905 photo album of J. Rosamond ‘Rosie’ Johnson. One shows a woman and two children standing in front of a brick wall on a bright day; behind them, a row of brick houses like those found throughout the London conurbation. The girl, Gwendolen, is two. She has a tousled head of golden curls. Holding her is a white woman wearing a bonnet out of which four bird feathers jut as if a wayward pigeon has just flown into its cote. A veil extends from the bonnet over the woman’s face, obscuring her features. This is Jessie Walmisley Coleridge-Taylor. She smiles down at her daughter, who is upset. Apparently, Gwendolen wants someone else to hold her. Standing to the left is Hiawatha, furrowing his brows; he holds a hand up to his face, and is about to cry.

The Changing Attitude of Street Art

Since Banksy, Street Art has been all-the-rage with Shepherd Fairy and Space Invader also reaching mass audiences, and all-the-while the public’s attitude towards street art and graffiti is changing, it’s not seen so much anymore, as underground. I suppose it has now entered the mainstream art market, as a viable genre and profitable form, creating a hint of irony. But then, we all start from somewhere, and a rise up, doesn’t always mean an altercation in principals. I hate the term “sell out” – what exactly does that mean anyway?


art for kunst is an exciting new project, offering highly collectible and functional art pieces from established UK street and graffiti artists and the freshest new talent – Aida, Dora, Mac1, Juice 126, Dscreet, Faith47, Plimsoul and Zoot – all at affordable prices!

They will be bringing you a range of fabulous art throughout the year from both our website and at various pop- up market stalls across London. Having launched on 26th of November at The Old Truman Brewery’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ market.


Club Brenda at Urbis

This evening, to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the award-winning Manchester club night, Club Brenda, Urbis is hosting a book launch of limited edition book, Strange Trees. Strange Trees is a unique concept and has been produced by Jayne Compton, the founder of Club Brenda, in collaboration with Northern Art Prize finalist, Rachel Goodyear, among other artists. The book takes the reader through the history of Club Brenda, using a series of classic narratives to form a dark urban fairytale, alongside a series of commissioned photography and artwork.

David Lan

Stellar Network Re-launches

Have you ever wondered why people in the creative industries sometimes behave like teenagers at a school disco? We usually stick with what we know, as a rule of thumb that sort of defines the human being. Well, well, along comes Stellar Network, who work across the theatre, film, television and digital media industries. The Network is designed for directors, writers, actors and producers to meet and collaborate. That’s very much in the vein of Aesthetica, we too believe that the arts are interdisciplinary, and when we start to collaborate, that’s when moments of serendipity and innovation occur.