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Gideon Koppel chats to Aesthetica

[Image credits: Image of Gideon Koppel, copyright David Swindells. Further images stills from Sleep Furiously]

As Aesthetica is teaming up with the London Centre for Arts and Cultural Exchange this October for the Inside Out Festival, we have had a chat with award-winning film-maker Gideon Koppel, an and academic at the Royal Holloway, in anticipation of his work at Inside Out Festival. Koppel will be leading a discussion with Theodore Zeldin about a new kind of film-based portaiture at the National Portrait Gallery. There will also be a screening and panel discussion of his mesmerising film Sleep Furiously.

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Fine Art and Craft – where’s the line drawn?

I know that I’ve been banging on about the DIY ethic for sometime now, but there is something rather wholesome about making your own things. You feel less reliance on manufacturing and more creative. Not to mention the whole sweatshop debacle.

Recently, I’ve been in touch with Angie at Fife Contemporary Art and Craft. She’s been letting me know about the fantastic work that they doing with the Marzee Collection. Fine art and craft have always had a contentious relationship, often one snubbing the other, with this in mind, the boundaries do change frequently.

Branchage Festival 2008 Creative Director Xanthe Hamilton and Programmer Philip Ilson introduce the first Branchage Jersey International Film Festival

Branchage Is A UK Film Festival Gem

Branchage Jersey International Film Festival is back 1st -4th October, screening an amazing selection of films in absolutely breathtaking and unusual locations. Highlights for 2009’s festival will include British Sea Power performing their poignant soundtrack to the renowned 1934 fisherman film Man of Aran; an Icelandic band performing to a classic silhouette fairytale from 1920s Germany and the latest Andrew Kotting film.

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Sally Potter’s RAGE is the First Feature Film to Appear on Mobile Phones

Sally Potter’s new film, RAGE, is the first film to be premiered on mobile phones. It’s a very contemporary idea, stripping down filmmaking down to the bare minimum, but it works, and that’s what makes Rage a keeper. Read an interview with Sally Potter in the latest issue of Aesthetica. RAGE is a unique experiment, taking the concept of artists’ films and turning it on its head, making something multi-faceted and exciting.

Prix Pictet Shortlist Unveiled

Work by twelve of the world’s leading photographers, one of whom will receive this year’s prestigious Prix Pictet photography prize for environmental sustainability will go on display for the first time at Purdy Hicks Gallery, London from 5 to 7 October.

The Prix Pictet is an annual search for photographs that communicate powerful messages of global environmental significance under a broad theme. This year that theme is ‘earth’. Photographers shortlisted for the £60,000 (CHF100,000) prize are Darren Almond, Christopher Anderson, Sammy Baloji, Edward Burtynsky, Andreas Gursky, Naoya Hatakeyama, Nadav Kander, Ed Kashi, Abbas Kowsari, Yao Lu, Edgar Martins and Chris Steele-Perkins.

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Is Sound Art Just A Lot of White Noise?

Good old Leeds is set to host Expo Leeds, the UK’s largest weekend of sound art and experimental music from 24-29 September 2009, is set to illustrate the powerful, creative and playful nature of listening.


emerge at the 2009 London Design Festival

emerge – the London Design Festival’s debut graduate graphic design showcase –has announced details of the 2009 programme and exhibition, to be held at Rich Mix from 19th – 27th September. A first for the London Design Festival (LDF), emerge will host a range of shows and initiatives throughout the Festival, aiming to inspire young designers, and support recent graduates in the field. The shows are some of the best places to pick up on emerging talent (pardon the pun), but seriously, worth a glance – raw creativity.

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Poland has one of the most vibrant emerging design scenes in Europe. As part of POLSKA! YEAR, a group of young designers will show new work in a venue in the Brompton Design District.The show will represent a broad spectrum of creativity: furniture design, industrial design, graphic design, fashion, animation, architecture and innovative engineering.

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Fancy Designing a Swatch? Read on.

You may have heard me mention Illustrative from time to time or the feature on “Defining the Art of Illustration” which was published last year?

Illustrative is a unique international exhibition for contemporary illustration and graphics. In 2009, the event returns to its hometown Berlin. From the 16th of October to the 1st of November, more than 60 artists will present an inspiring cornucopia of current graphical art. The Illustrative Talks, a series of lectures about contemporary illustration and graphic design, will open Illustrative this year. Illustrative will invite its audiences to go on a journey that is devoted to discovering tendencies and visual trends coming from graphic design, illustration, book art, comic, concept art or animation, branching out into the field of art.