Boma winners


With over 250 entries and a judging panel that includes some of the biggest names in British art, music and fashion, Urbis has announced the winners of this year’s Best of Manchester Awards.

We all love Manchester, there’s something of a northern cool about this place, look at its history with music – Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Oasis, Badly Drawn Boy – need I say more? There’s also the uber cool Afflecks Palace and a host of museums and galleries, as well as the Manchester International Festival. You’ve got to admit, there’s something special about Manchester.

Photography is dead – The International Photographic Review

A series of events to mark the 10th anniversary of the International Photographic Review will be unveiled from 30th July – 2nd August 2009.

The International Photographic Review, organised by Rhubarb Rhubarb celebrates its 10th anniversary this year by posing the provocative statement Photography is dead…Rhubarb has combined retrospectives with up and coming photographers, plus such renowned names as Nadav Kander, to create a high profile gathering of contemporary photographic talent and public participation, promoting a real appreciation of how photography can and does influence our lives.

Wolfgang Tillmans

Bob and Roberta Smith and Wolfgang Tillmans Appointed Tate Trustees

This just in…

The Board of Trustees of Tate has announced today that the Prime Minister has appointed Bob and Roberta Smith and Wolfgang Tillmans as Tate Trustees. The terms of appointment will be for four and five years respectively, from 20 July 2009. By statute, at least three of Tate’s Trustees are practising artists and Bob and Roberta Smith and Wolfgang Tillmans will join artist Trustees Jeremy Deller and Anish Kapoor on the Board.

Be in a Zombie Movie

This is really funny, and I just love Noel Fielding – he’s just the kind of guy you’d want in your gang. I really wanted to flag this up to you because there’s also a chance for you to get involved and help to break a world record for the largest amount of zombies caught on camera! Not entirely my bag, maybe a bit lo-fi, but looks fun.

Noel Fielding, renowned as one half of the comedy duo The Mighty Boosh, will star as the Zombie King in Film4 and Warp Films’ upcoming production I Spit On Your Rave which will be filmed at this year’s Big Chill Festival.


VIDEOKILLS International Video Arts Festival 2009 (V:InVAF)

Do we need any more AV festivals? Being in the throes of the multimedia/digital age, are they just getting started or will we continue to be challenged by AV? Let’s see.

VIDEOKILLS, a Berlin based video art collective, is hosting its first International Video Arts festival, taking place in Berlin from 26 August – 30 2009. As it’s their first year, and I love Berlin, I thought it might be worth flagging this up to you in the even you might be there later this summer.

A few more images of the Vhils exhibition

After Monday’s post, I received a rather lovely email from photographer, Ian Cox offering more images of Alexandre Farto’s show at Lazarides. You can see why Lazarides is taking a chance on the 22-year old.

Any comments?

Images courtsey Ian Cox (c)2009


VHILS (AKA Alexandre Farto), Scratching The Surface at Lazarides this Summer

The first UK solo show from Vhils, AKA Alexandre Farto (b.1987), features a series of new works inspired by his native city of Lisbon at a time of revolution.

I love Lazarides Gallery. I feel that the gallery takes chances with artists, and shows the type of art that has momentum and a wider meaning. Being the first gallery to show Farto’s work in the UK, especially with Farto being only 22 is a risk, particularly in this economy when galleries need to be selling artwork. So – I am even more inspired and impressed with Lazarides. Outsiders, compiled by Steve Lazarides was a fantastic collection on urban art, have you picked up that book yet?


Argentina’s Gustavo Ortiz at the Pure Evil Gallery, London

Contemporary visual art takes many forms – the aritsts’ mission today in infused with defining that concept.

Gustavo Ortiz is one of Argentina’s rising stars. His work is influenced by colonial art (See Fiona Foley – a perspective from Australia) as well as native indigenous artistic practices. Ortiz’s paintings are distinctly Latin American in their hybrid blend of both European and South American heritage. By using collage as his primary medium, Ortiz combines the whimsical elements of Naïve art with the unexpected juxtapositions of Surrealism – creating a wonderful atmosphere of surprise, charm and simplicity.


Inkygoodness 3, Wonderland Exhibition showcases the work of new and emerging talent from the UK and beyond.

Inkygoodness is a Bristol-Birmingham based duo that organise exhibitions providing a unique platform for emerging talent to showcase their work alongside established artists.

Inviting you on a journey into Wonderland this September, into a bright bubblegum world of quirky characters, eclectic landscapes and curious narratives, they will showcase the creations of 30 international illustrators, artists and image-makers, this new group show will display a diverse selection of artworks including wall murals, drawings, installations and framed prints by some of the hottest emerging talents working in the industry today.


Woodstock creator to open The Big Chill Festival 2009

Legendary festival creator, Michael Lang will cut the tape on this year’s action at The Big Chill festival and face questions from chillers at Word in Motion stage.

40 years ago Woodstock first conjured people’s emotions and truly captured the essence of the festival spirit. This year The Big Chill Festival is honoured that the creator of Woodstock, Michael Lang, is coming to the festival as The Big Chill celebrates Woodstock’s 40th birthday this August.

Even more exciting news from Aesthetica finalists

I’m so pleased to say that Paul Harris, yet another of our Aesthetica finalists, is opening his first solo exhibition at Barista’s Café, Sandyford, Ireland on 22 July. The exhibition, CubaOne photographs, is the culmination of Paul’s visit to Cuba during the last weeks of Castro’s presidency. The images are evocative of Cuba’s past as a great revolutionary nation, and stunningly capture the laid back nature of Cuba’s run-down streets, alongside epic countryside and intimate glimpses into the work and play of its inhabitants.


Wimbledon fatigue? Take in a show…

Do you wish Andy Murray all the best, but find the ‘Murray Mound’ hysteria all a bit much? Maybe you should check out some other sickeningly young and talented rising stars.

The season for Wimbledon and Pimms, now is also the time of year graduate degree shows are endemic. Across the country, arts graduates from photography to fashion are now exhibiting their work to the public. For students, the graduate degree shows are the years’ highlight, a chance to display the culmination of 3 or 4 years hard work and commitment. For the exhibition attendee, the shows present an exciting opportunity to sneak-preview the future of British design.