Beatrice Pediconi 9’/ Unlimited, Reggio Emilia

Beatrice Pediconi is an artist who produces work layered with mystery and intrigue. Her exhibition 9’/ Unlimited opens 6 October and runs until 31 January at Maramotti Collection, Reggio Emilia. The artist is constantly drawn to water and this reappears throughout her collections, including Subtle Bodies, texts written in ink during 2006, the blue series of Untitled works of 2009, in which the artist made use of plaster and powders, and also her Red works of 2011, where she carried out experiments with various organic materials.

Her practice unites the scientific observation of materials with the creative freedom to recontextualise them. Her new work at Maramotti Collection takes her interests further and takes on the challenge of polaroid photography. Using a Large Format View Camera, the artist creates an environment and a space that becomes a vessel which the visitor is invited to enter. Once within the gallery space the images unravel themselves along the walls of the room, leading the viewer into other possible territories. The observer will find themselves afloat in a collection of pigments and empty spaces that combine within the exhibition.

The exhibition is accompanied by an artist’s book that captures the flow of images (polaroids and video stills) of the artist in dialogue with three incisive interventions: a haiku by the Japanese poet Momoko Kuroda, a musical score by the Roman composer Lucio Gregoretti, and a mysteric chemical formula devised by Andrea Lerwill, a British engineer whose specialization lies in the sciences of conservation. These collaborations perfectly balance poetry, music, chemistry and the visual arts in order to highlight the complexities within exploration and contemplation.

Beatrice Pediconi, 6 October – 31 January 2014, Maramotti Collection, Via fratelli cervi 66, Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Beatrice Pediconi, 9’/Unlimited, 2013, still, Courtesy Beatrice Pediconi and Collezione Maramotti.