Art in Oceania: A New History

Nicholas Thomas
Thames & Hudson

This extraordinary book draws attention to the power of the art of Oceania, revealing works of Oceanic art that have languished in museum storage for generations. Challenging the notion that Oceanic art consists essentially of masks and sculptures, it exposes how the gifted peoples of Oceania created an incredible range of art forms and great world art traditions.

Exploring founding influences such as migration, trade pacification and tourism, Art in Oceania demonstrates how these art forms act as evidence for reflecting great historic developments, documented by voyagers such as Captain Cook, in contemporary art from the past 50 years.

Pinpointing an incredible variety of Pacific cultures, from the Highlands of New Guinea to settlements in New Zealand, the sheer magnitude of knowledge to which this book extends far surpasses any studies conducted previously. This is a truly remarkable collaboration with Oceanic communities, reviving their importance and placing them within a contemporary timeframe.

Fiona Martin