Art Basel Hong Kong

Art Basel Hong Kong opens 15 – 18 May and we’re looking forward to the artistic collaboration featured at the event between one of Hong Kong’s most exciting young artists Nadim Abbas and Absolut: Apocalypse Postponed. This project sees the construction of a new, ambitious, site-specific art bar, open daily for the duration of Art Basel in Hong Kong.

Set in a post-apocalyptic bunker-like environment, Apocalypse Postponed will be Abbas’ literal and conceptual construction of a ‘safe haven’ and will draw inspiration from a range of sources, from cult science fiction films including A Clockwork Orange, Dune and Alien, to 20th century defensive plans and fortifications such as the Swiss National Redoubt and Atlantic Wall.

Abbas’ practice explores technologies of perception, often drawing thematic inspiration from literature, psychology and science to create immersive and multi-sensory environments. Apocalypse Postponed will be a continuation of Abbas’ inquiry into the hidden violence that permeates quotidian elements of urban living.

The installation will feature a changing nightly programme of live music, DJ sets, screenings and theatrical performances, all curated by the artist. A series of limited edition cocktails designed by the artist and inspired by the themes of Apocalypse Postponed will also be served.

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1. Güiro: an art bar installation by Los Carpinteros in collaboration with Absolut, 5 – 8 December 2012.