Alain Rodier: New Paintings in Series 2012, London

Alain Rodier presents New Paintings in Series 2012, a new range of 25 works taken from four different collections. Collating works from the past 12 months, they stand as the fifth major exhibition that the Parisian has housed in London, and the first in almost 10 years. Uniting a rich and diverse variety of thematic focuses, Rodier presents works that are evocative and thought-provoking in their visual effect. Rigorously exploring the many dimensions of modern culture, and what it means to be a human in the 21st century, the exhibition evokes both pleasure and pain, illustrated in delicate and sharp paintings. Previously, a world-wide Fashion Photographer, Rodier began his artistic career in London back in 1991, he returns for the first time since 2003 to showcase his most recent work.

Appearing at the SW1 Gallery from 17 December until 23 December, the exhibition covers Cities, Women, Burn Cash, Buy Paintings and Entanglement. The Cities series presents images of iconic landmarks, united in one work to produce expansive urban collages of some of the world’s most recognisable cities. Accompanied by splashes of acrylic colour, the series tells a unique tale of the 20th century brand of modernity. Women also uses photographic prints as the backdrop for works of paint. The naked female form appears, printed beneath a shower of disorderly smudges of paint. Burn Cash, Buy Paintings began with Rodier’s desire to show people how much cash one million euros really is, an attempt to put a real image on an abstract concept. The fourth series included is, Entanglement which is a collective title for two different paintings. The chaotic works tells a story of the difficult task of disarmament after the Lebanese civil war. There will also be a variety of other works featured in SW1’s exhibition. The pieces will also be available for purchase.

Alain Rodier: New Paintings in Series 2012, 17 – 23 December, SW1 Gallery, 12 Cardinal Walk, Roof Garden Level, Cardinal Place, London SW1E 5JE.

All works are credited to Alain Rodier.
1. The Kiss (Lidia), High Res. (4 paintings, oil paint, vinyl ink on canvas. Each 100cmX 100cm).
2. London High Res. (Oil paint, vinyl ink on canvas; 200cmX 200cm).
3.Paris, High res


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