AIR/PORT: Biennale of International Art in Essaouira

AIR/PORT: Biennale of International Art in Essaouira

International creative platform Beauty Without Irony (BWI) is currently showcasing the first edition of the Biennale of International Art in Essaouira, Morocco: AIR/PORT, a cultural exchange between Essaouira and other port cities around the world. The first guest city this year is Antwerp in Belgium. Fifty well known and emerging artists (Moroccan, Belgian and international) as well as art students from the Lycée Mohammed V (Essaouira) and the Sint-Maria Instituut (Antwerp) have created works that interpret two themes dear to both cities: the wind and the port. The artworks featured in the exhibition will be reproduced on flags and installed along major traffic arteries of both Essaouira and Antwerp, as well as at culturally and historically significant sites of each city until 5 September.

The original artworks are exhibited in 11 cultural institutions and galleries in Essaouira and on 7 September they will be auctioned to benefit two local organisations that support young people in Essaouira with their professional and health concerns.

The event is conceived as a window to emerging art of Essaouira (and Morocco in general) and from other cultures around the world. For each edition artists of a city, part of a country or even a continent will be invited to exchange and exhibit next to their Souiri counterpart. For the second edition in 2015, they hope to partner up with one or more ports in Africa or Asia.

AIR/PORT, 5 July until 5 September, Essaouira, Morocco.

Image: Daniel Riera, S/T (Boys Jumping Serie, Lanzarote) courtesy AIR/PORT