The Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual 2013

The Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual 2013

The Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual is a celebration of outstanding poetry and short fiction, which promises to inspire you long after reading. This compelling collection unites established and emerging literary talent from across the world, and features the winners and finalists from the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award 2013.

Covering a broad range of topics, the book reflects upon several different aspects of contemporary life. This is a collection you can return to time and time again, which will spark your passion for new writing. The publication also includes forewords from leading writers in the field of poetry and fiction, who comprise the judging panel for 2013, and who comment on the current climate for contemporary writing.

Judges for the 2013 Award included acclaimed professor and poet Oz Hardwick, who has published his work widely throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. His most recent poetry collection is The Illuminated Dreamer (Oversteps, 2010).

Renowned writer and editor Rachel Hazelwood also contributed to the judging panel. She has worked with countless authors and edited the highly successful Tales series. Rachel has worked with Aesthetica since 2005 and is committed to the promotion and celebration of good writing.

A celebration of contemporary British and international culture, the Annual features 120 pages of innovative and exciting new writing. The winners from 2013 are, for poetry, Sylvia Adams – the author of a novel, a poetry collection, an award-winning chapbook and a children’s book – and for fiction, Jennifer Roe, recent graduate living and writing in Dublin.

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The Aesthetica Creative Writing Award is now open for entries. Submissions close 31 August 2014. For more information and to register for the award visit

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