Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down 15 Days to Go – Hollie Mackenzie

Aesthetica Art Prize Call for Entries Count Down 15 Days to Go – Hollie Mackenzie

There’s 15 days to go until the end of call for entries for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2013. Today we’re taking a look at Hollie Mackenzie, longlisted for Three-Dimensional Design & Sculpture with her impressive and intriguing work Downfall.

Downfall was sculpted using pine wood and crafted in such a way as to present the illusion of a full size melting staircase. In this piece Mackenzie explores the transitional space of the staircase and investigates the notion of the “stairway to heaven” – stairway to Utopia. The melting staircase symbolises the impossibility of reaching Utopia. The eye is drawn up the freestanding staircase to the perfectly formed step attached to the wall, separate from the unstable stairs below, and out of reach.

In her practice Mackenzie examines the notion of the impossible Utopia by creating her own version of a dystopian landscape in the form of installation. Her work encourages the viewer to interpret this dystopian reality and its proximity to the world we live in. By doing this, the artist aims to provoke debate around “the unattainable” within our society. In future projects, Mackenzie wishes to extend her political knowledge and the conceptual quality of her art further in order to explore the idea of a perfect place through artistic expression.

For this year’s Art Prize we’re inviting artists to submit their work before 31 August. Visit

1. Hollie Mackenzie, Downfall. Aesthetica