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I Had No Idea & Examination at Platform Arts Belfast

Running concurrently at Platform Arts in Belfast are the exhibitions I Had No Idea by the London-based artist Keef Winter and Examination by the regional artist Sighle Bhreathnach-Cashell.

Sandra Johnston: The Shadow of a Doubt, The Golden Thread Gallery

The Shadow of a Doubt features seven works by Sandra Johnston. Their narrative offers a diverse means of observing, reflecting and responding to the specifics of place and circumstances.

Versions of the Real World

New works by the influential artist Isa Genzken challenge the dominant norms of gender and scale within sculpture in a new show at Hauser & Wirth, London.

Review of The What-ifs: Fiona Ni Mhaoilir, Platform Arts

The What-Ifs examines the connectivity of art in society and it’s relationship with the environment. Fiona Ni Mhaoilir employs humour to parody the preconceptions associated with academic theory.

M/M Paris

Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag celebrate their 20th anniversary. A new book examines their unique fusion of graphic design, art, music and fashion.

Interview with Barry W. Hughes, Editor of SuperMassiveBlackHole

SuperMassiveBlackHole is dedicated to contemporary photography and the photographic imagery resulting from the time-based processes found in many interdisciplinary art practices today.

From the Margin to the Edge: Brazilian Art and Design

A new exhibition at Somerset House in London contextualises Brazilian contemporary art and design within the paradigm of international artistic practice.

Humanising A Modernist Icon

Skyscraper is a re-appraisal of the modernist structure and features over 50 artists whose work responds to ITS variety and complexity.

Androgynous Aesthetics: Interview with Brendan Jamison

For the past seven years the Northern Irish based artist, Brendan Jamison has amassed a significant body of work. Jamison appropriates diverse media including wax, wool, sugar cubes and pins.

Sara Greavu & Phil Hession: Titanic Toast, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast

Of the many myths surrounding the Titanic’s legacy, one describes how Protestant dock workers in Belfast chalked NPH (No Pope Here) on the ship’s bow thus dooming its maiden voyage.

Interview with Satis House Project Space Curators Eoin Dara & Kim McAleese

Over the next two years art in Northern Ireland will experience developments on par to other successful regions in the UK. In 2013 the Turner Prize will be hosted in Capital of Culture Derry/Londonderry.

Bauhaus: Art as Life

Exploring the world’s most famous art and design school, Art as Life is the biggest Bauhaus exhibition in the UK in 40 years.

Phil Hession: My heart is always trembling, afraid I might give in, The Context Gallery, Derry

Irish folk music has played an intrinsic part in the socio-political history of the Irish working-class. Through this medium an injured party could publicly express their frustrations at the hardship.

A Return to Making-Strange? Opens Tomorrow, Interplanetary Revolution, Golden Thread Gallery

The opening of Interplanetary Revolution may feature a cocktail bar, a chorus of ice cream vans, the introduction of another currency and a song by The Factotum Choir that they never quite cracked.

Political & Aesthetic Urgency

Showcasing over 150 works, this major exhibition examines the diversity and complexity of art produced during the tumultuous 1980s, a transformative time for culture and society.

Home Grown, The F.E. McWilliam Gallery & Studios, Banbridge, County Down

Since its inception, The F.E. McWilliam Gallery has gained an impressive reputation for programming important retrospectives of Irish Modernists and innovative thematic exhibitions.

Contemporary Art in Northern Ireland, Parliament Buildings, Stormont

Below the gilded King Edward VII chandeliers and between the Italian travertine engraved marble walkway the exhibition Contemporary Art in Northern Ireland is situated in The Great Hall of Parliament Buildings at Stormont.

Altea Grau Vidal: Marcant Paraules, Ards Arts Centre, Newtownards, Northern Ireland

The International Residency programme at Seacourt Print Workshop offers an artist the opportunity to work in a new environment and share their knowledge during a three-month stay.

Last Week, Indecipherable Evangelical Messages, ALTAR, Platform Arts Belfast

Platform Arts has garnered a reputation for innovative projects and according to its mission statement, it promotes the creation and access to contemporary art practice in Northern Ireland.

Questioning Documentary Narrative, Others’ Stories, Golden Thread Gallery

Others’ Stories collates artists’ exploration of documentary narrative. When people verbally interact, dialogue can go beyond oral communication via facial expressions and body language.