5 to See: This Weekend

Shows opening 24-25 February explore how personal and geographical backgrounds contribute to an understanding of individuality.

Materials of the Future

As one of the most prevalent creatives in Montreal’s design scene, Ying Gao’s conceptual fashion pieces render the body a carrier for intelligent construction.

Restorative Compositions

Highlighting the unpredictability and power of nature, Kopeikin Gallery presents Kevin Cooley’s latest photographic examination: Still Burning.

Creative Disciplines

In an era were the position of the creative sector is challenged by politics, Zealous introduces a new platform to champion artistic innovation.

The Immediacy of Form

The post-industrial landscape of northern England forms the inspiration for Theo Simpson’s innovative blend of photography, sculpture and installation.

Sublime Topographies

Maroesjka Lavigne records remote corners of the earth, capturing the beauty of desolate landscapes. Her work is at PHOTOFAIRS San Francisco.

Forgotten Narratives

Surrounded by a tumultuous climate, Turkish-born photographer Fatma Bucak channels her Kurdish history through an exhibition at Fondazione Merz.

Pioneering Minimalism

In a fast-paced world, time is valuable. In answer to this, Design Shanghai foregrounds simple and innovative solutions.

The Expressive City

Showcasing the intricacies of architecture alongside contemporary photography, the city is awoken by annual outdoor festival Jaipur Photo.

Evolving Habitats

The fourth edition of Photo London stages the past, present and future of the experimental medium which dominates visual culture.

Meaningful Dissemination

In a culture defined by a continual stream of news, it is easy to become detached. The nominated projects reveal a human perspective.

5 to See: This Weekend

Around 95 million images are shared on Instagram daily. Shows running 17-18 February examine photography’s revolutionary potential.

10 to See: The Armory Show

The creative landscape is constantly expanding to welcome new approaches. The Armory Show offers opportunities for dialogue and discovery.

New Architectural Heritage

Two new projects from Christ and Gantenbein add to Switzerland’s landscape with an appealing mix of structural assurance and environmental sensibility.

Innovative Contributions

Championing new artistic voices is increasingly important. The Foam Paul Huf Award celebrates emerging talent within the photographic realm.

Communicating Inclusivity

Work by female practitioners makes up 3–5% of major collections. NMWA raises awareness through the #5womenartists campaign.

5 to See: This Weekend

The contemporary moment is defined by a deluge of images and information. Exhibitions running 10-11 February examine the theme of truth.

Redefining Plastics

In a world where a million plastic bottles are purchased every minute, practitioners strive towards a closed-loop, zero-legacy future.

Fluctuating Selfhood

In a complex world, approaches to the theme of representation are shifting. Curator Lucy Gallun discusses MoMA’s response: New Photography.

AIPAD: Visual Platforms

More than 100 of the world’s leading galleries come together this April for The Photography Show, taking place at the huge Pier 94 venue in New York.

PHOTOFAIRS: Remote Investigations

Barren environments can offer fertile ground for creative endeavour. PHOTOFAIRS brings together practitioners investigating such locales.

5 to See: This Weekend

Habitats shape the way people live. Exhibitions running 3-4 February examine the interactions between individuals and their surroundings.

A Cultural Institution

Opening in May 2018, the Guardian Art Center (Beijing) is an intelligent hybrid space designed by award-winning architect Ole Scheeran.

Critical Responses

Gender stereotypes come under the lens at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, offering a sequence dialogues around the notion of home.

Aesthetica Issue 81 Available Now

The new issue, Beyond the Horizon, pays homage to the power of the individual, demonstrating how what makes us special is our ability to innovate.

Examining Urban Terrains

A rare collection of vintage prints by Daido Moriyama are at Michael Hoppen Gallery, London, celebrating a view into lesser-known city streets.

Investigating Chronologies

The 2018 edition of India Art Fair foregrounds contemporary art from South Asia, offering insights into the region’s thriving cultural scene.

Shared Environments

Suki Dhanda is interested in ethnicity, people and place. A new body of work at Plymouth College of Art highlights the changing landscape of the city.

New Artists: January 2018

This month’s photographers delve into the associations that viewers make with images, providing spaces of anonymity and visual allure.

5 to See: This Weekend

Systems define the human experience. Exhibitions running 27-28 January inspect a range of contemporary structures.

Dissolving Binaries

The Photographers’ Gallery, London, provides an intimate glimpse into a pocketed history of cross-dressing, and those that lived through it.

Photographic Mastery

Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York, showcases a point of innovative transformation for one of America’s greatest colour photographers: Stephen Shore.

Exploring Resistance

A Universal History of Infamy, an ongoing multisite show, presents an examination of the relationship between Latin America and the wider US.

Demographic Insights

Moldova is the focus of a new exhibition at Fotografiska, Stockholm, which presents the work of award-winning photo-journalist Åsa Sjöström.

Aesthetica Art Prize: Call for Entries

In a globalised, increasingly digital landscape, it can be difficult to gain exposure. The Aesthetica Art Prize offers an international platform.

Global Intersections

Terminus, a recent series by Mark Steinmetz, examines the pubic and private moments that occur within and around aerodromes.

Nostalgic Surroundings

Part of a generation racked by hyperactivity, Tina Barney captures the details of north eastern, suburban America.

5 to See: This Weekend

Exhibitions running 20-21 January offer viewers the opportunity to reflect on the modern world, building platforms for introspection.

Associative Compositions

The work of 19th century visionaries is the starting point for a new show at Foam, Amsterdam, which links photography’s inception with the modern day.

Vibrant Approaches

In an accelerating landscape, fresh ways of understanding the world become important. Bloomberg New Contemporaries offers insight.

Exhibitions of Change

YSP has consistently positioned itself within the arena of creative social change, a notion continued in a collection that, quite simply, makes a difference.

Complex Representations

In an age of gratuitous image editing and fake news, it is hard to distinguish artificiality from reality. Alex Prager investigates this confusion.

MACK: Curated Perceptions

The way society consumes information is shifting. MACK foregrounds the enduring conceptual importance and materiality of their volumes.

5 to See: This Weekend

Façades are designed to conceal hidden realities. Exhibitions running 13-14 January construct and dissect exteriors to investigate such illusions.

Meaningful Deconstruction

The term “soft power” is used to described how political rhetoric is deployed through culture. Jasmina Cibic examines this rhetoric.

Recurring Voyages

Liverpool is undergoing a period of urban transformation. Tom Wood commemorates an integral part of the community’s quotidian.

Erwitt: An Influential Journey

In 1951, Elliot Erwitt was drafted into the US Army. Carrying a Leica camera, the practitioner began crafting an enduring legacy.

Unexplored Visions

The Sahara Desert is the largest hot desert in the world. Magnum photographers respond to its harsh terrain and sublime landscape.

Gursky: A Kaleidoscopic Vision

“I only pursue one goal: the encyclopedia of life.” Urban, global, local or commercial, a unique form of photography delves into the contemporary world.

Interactive Transformation

Light has the power to transform nocturnal landscapes and deliver unique messages. Lumiere London brings together such innovative artworks.

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