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Vital Perspectives

Only 30% of artists represented by commercial galleries are women. Exhibitors at Photo London foreground a strong female presence.

5 to See: This Weekend

The selection for 17-18 March celebrates the past, present and future of creative practice through performance, installation and images.

Miles Aldridge: Vivid Portraiture

Miles Aldridge collaborates with other creatives, building cinematic narratives that engage with image-making from all angles.

New Terrains

In advance of their first edition, which will take place at the end of March, Photo Macau hosts a curated agenda of exhibitions, installations and conferences.

Redefining the Archive

The rising popularity of documentary reflects a burgeoning desire to make sense of the world. An exhibition examines the genre’s history.

Visual Activism

In producing Somnyama Ngonyama, Zanele Muholi took a self-portrait every day, documenting the injustices she witnessed in her everyday life.

Responsible Developments

Melbourne Design Week provides an annual celebration of creativity and innovation, drawing links between practitioners and businesses.

Subjective Worlds

Daniel Shea is the winner of the 12th edition of The Foam Paul Huf Award. The work reflects on the urban landscape of late capitalism.

Proximity to Nature

Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain presents Freeing Architecture, the first major solo exhibition devoted to the work of Junya Ishigami.

Luminescent Environments

For A Slight Shift at the Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, Paris, three artists employ manmade mediums to provide poetic interpretations of the landscape.

Translating Architecture

Bas Princen challenges how audiences perceive buildings in relation to their surroundings through a new exhibition at Vitra Design Museum.

Environmental Resonance

For Marciano Art Foundation’s second artistic project, Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson takes over the expansive Theater Gallery.

Intimate Portrayals

Seydou Keïta was a portrait photographer who found fame late in life. His archive, brought to light in the early 1990s, facilitated international recognition.

Reshaping the Canon

Curatorial Activism: Towards an Ethics of Curating re-examines under-representation, questioning why there is still imbalance in the wider industry.

5 to See: This Weekend

In an era of fake news, how can the individual decipher the true course of events? Exhibitions opening 10-11 March focus on narrative forms.

Literary Inspirations

Italo Calvino’s Le città invisibili is the inspiration behind Invisible Cities: Architecture of the Line at Waddington Custot, London.

5 to See: International Women’s Day

Marking the continued journey to establish gender equality, global and cultural institutions celebrate International Women’s Day.

Accountable Photography

National Gallery of Art, Washington, showcases the works of Sally Mann as she explores communicative landscapes and sombre subject matters.

Discernible Illuminations

Solid Light Works is the first major UK exhibition of Anthony McCall’s work in over ten years, in which the visitor is immersed in three new installations.

5 to Read: This Month

Investigating different forms of transformation, this month’s upcoming releases look at the various ways in which we perceive and conceptualise space.

Visual Revolutions

In 1947 – long before the dawn of the camera phone – Polaroid offered consumers an accessible method of visual documentation.

5 to See: This Weekend

This weekend, 3-4 March, galleries across the globe ask how meaning is constructed and challenged in today’s unsteady climate.

Structural Reinventions

In order to move forward, it is often important to look back. MIA Photo Fair celebrates the history of the medium whilst introducing new methods.

Unparalleled Horizons

The 2018 Sony World Photography Awards shortlist reflects the increasing accessibility of the medium, offering diverse perspectives.

Environmental Nuances

In a new exhibition at SK Stiftung Kultur der Sparkasse KölnBonn, three artists from Germany, the UK and Italy document shared landscapes.

Interrogating Reality

In an uncertain era defined by political, environmental and social tragedies, creative practitioners attempt to articulate the world.

New Artists: February 2018

The world around us – with its various colours, topographies and shapes – is an endless source of idea generation for this month’s picks.

The Photography Show: New Horizons

This year’s Photography Show brings together industry experts and renowned artists, presenting masterclasses for professionals and amateurs alike.

Redefining Photography

Foam Talent brings together emerging artists, revealing contemporary innovations and providing a platform for shared concerns.

5 to See: This Weekend

Shows opening 24-25 February explore how personal and geographical backgrounds contribute to an understanding of individuality.

Materials of the Future

As one of the most prevalent creatives in Montreal’s design scene, Ying Gao’s conceptual fashion pieces render the body a carrier for intelligent construction.

Restorative Compositions

Highlighting the unpredictability and power of nature, Kopeikin Gallery presents Kevin Cooley’s latest photographic examination: Still Burning.

Creative Disciplines

In an era were the position of the creative sector is challenged by politics, Zealous introduces a new platform to champion artistic innovation.

The Immediacy of Form

The post-industrial landscape of northern England forms the inspiration for Theo Simpson’s innovative blend of photography, sculpture and installation.

Sublime Topographies

Maroesjka Lavigne records remote corners of the earth, capturing the beauty of desolate landscapes. Her work is at PHOTOFAIRS San Francisco.

Forgotten Narratives

Surrounded by a tumultuous climate, Turkish-born photographer Fatma Bucak channels her Kurdish history through an exhibition at Fondazione Merz.

Pioneering Minimalism

In a fast-paced world, time is valuable. In answer to this, Design Shanghai foregrounds simple and innovative solutions.

The Expressive City

Showcasing the intricacies of architecture alongside contemporary photography, the city is awoken by annual outdoor festival Jaipur Photo.

Evolving Habitats

The fourth edition of Photo London stages the past, present and future of the experimental medium which dominates visual culture.

Meaningful Dissemination

In a culture defined by a continual stream of news, it is easy to become detached. The nominated projects reveal a human perspective.

5 to See: This Weekend

Around 95 million images are shared on Instagram daily. Shows running 17-18 February examine photography’s revolutionary potential.

10 to See: The Armory Show

The creative landscape is constantly expanding to welcome new approaches. The Armory Show offers opportunities for dialogue and discovery.

New Architectural Heritage

Two new projects from Christ and Gantenbein add to Switzerland’s landscape with an appealing mix of structural assurance and environmental sensibility.

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