Charting Authenticity

The Photographers’ Gallery’s latest exhibition offers an insight into the polaroids of a previous generation through the cinematic vision of Wim Wenders.

Reflective Documentation

Saatchi Gallery and Huawei’s #SelfExpression competition invites anyone with a smartphone to turn their gaze away from the self to the world.

Exuberant Youth

Having presented Malick Sidibé’s first solo exhibition outside of Africa in 1995, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain now pays tribute to the artist.

Thematic Multiplicities

As August approaches, the Online Viewing Room at David Zwirner has curated a selection of images that express the notion of summer.

CWA: Inspirational Narratives

The 2017 Creative Writing Award closes for entries on 31 August. Submit your work and become part of a wider network of literary visionaries.

Nostalgic Engagement

For the conceptual artist Mike Mandel, the 1970s was a time of enrichment; the ensuing productivity is celebrated in Good 70s at SFMOMA. 

5 To See: This Weekend

11-13 August. These exhibitions offer a mirror to the contemporary condition and its new developments through social photographs and innovative design.

AAP: Lasting Recognition

It’s the last month to submit to the 2017 edition of the Aesthetica Art Prize. Enter your installation, sculpture, painting, design or video by 31 August.

New Discoveries

Centre Pompidou offers a unique retrospective of Walker Evans, developing a new perspective on a feat that has been considered by many.

Critical Re-examination

Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most prolific architects of the 20th century, designing over 1000 buildings. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, stages a 150th anniversary celebration of his birth.

Inclusive Sensibility

As part of CO Berlin’s summer programme, Danny Lyon’s photography comes to the fore through an acute sensibility to the human condition.

Weighted Documentary

Pieter Hugo: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea showcases 14 collections, including subjects that range from honey collectors to definitions of home.

Fluctuating Perspectives

Even immobile objects are in flux. This is one of the insights of Steve McQueen’s Static, a film that instigates new perspectives on the Statue of Liberty.

Tumultuous Americana

Launched in tandem with a seminal exhibi­tion at Beetles+Huxley, London, Sleeping by the Mississippi provides a glimpse into the “third coast” of the US.

Formal Innovation

Acting as a barometer of contemporary practices, the 2017 Foam Talent exhibition showcases 20 international artists taken from a larger annual call.

Documenting Expansionism

“Decolonisation” is a term that holds uncertainty and possibility in Tyburn Gallery’s summer show, through an exciting array of contemporary photography.

Creative Synergy

For the 2017 London Design Festival, the hub is at the V&A, further deepening the strong link between a world-leading collection of art and innovation.

Imaginative Enterprise

The programme to mark the 50th anniversary of MCA Chicago makes a bold declaration that art has the power to change our perceptions of the world.

Parallel Civilisations

The Drift, by London and Beirut-based artist Maeve Bren­nan follows the stories of a handful of in­habitants of modern-day Lebanon.

Emotional Nationhood

Finland’s Backlight Photo Festival marks its 30th anniversary and 100 years of independence with a touring exhibition of seven Finnish artists.

5 To See: This Weekend

The 5 to See for 4–6 August provides insight into global transitions prevalent in the 20th century, encompassing themes that celebrate justice.

Documenting Humanity

Bruce Davidson is best known for documenting the civil rights movement in the US throughout the 1960s, His work is at Fotomuseum, Rotterdam.

Ethereal Installations

Chiharu Shiota’s first solo retrospective in the Netherlands offers insight into the human condition and universal experiences.

Stimulating Civilisations

1:54 Contemporary African Art fair has announced its fifth edition. It has become one of the pioneering institutions to engage with transnational audiences.

Illusory Journeys

Christian Tagliavini’s Voyages Extraordinaires reimagines Jules Verne’s novels. The series is on display as part of Clervaux – Cité de l’Image.

Narratives of Displacement

As part of IWM’s wider season Syria: A Conflict Explored, the gallery offers A Lens on Syria, the first UK exhibition by Sergey Ponomarev.

Expression Reformed

Is Fashion Modern? The title question of MoMA’s upcoming exhibition deals with a holistic exploration of design, charting fluidity and idealistic visionaries.

Conceptualised Movements

For the latest retrospective of Marina Abramović, the Louisiana takes up the challenge of approaching this major figure by considering the theme of cleansing.

Graphic Consideration

Emmanuelle Moureaux’s latest project, Creche Ropponmatsu Kindergarten, Fukuoka, further develops her explorations of colour.

Revealing Common Humanity

With strident voices of protectionism and nationalism, the images of Fazal Sheikh offer a corrective to a climate of fear and distrust.

Hyper-real Perspectives

Kate Ballis’s Infra Realism sits in the mysterious realm between reality and the surreal. Residing in a lucid dreamscape, it is familiar yet subversive.

Charting Photo-Modernism

E.O. Hoppé’s provides meditations on shifting ideals, revelling in the structural complexity and cultural acceleration that was unravelling in Germany.

5 To See: This Weekend

This week’s 5 To See for 28-31 July, provides insight into the spectrum of transitions occurring across the globe.

Aesthetica Issue 78

In this era of accelerating post-truth and digital manipulation, where fact converges with fiction, we must ask ourselves – what is going on?

Digitalised Heritage

Japanese collective teamLab execute a project where non-material digital art can turn into nature without harming its surroundings.

Pioneering Equality

Brooklyn Museum examines the cultural and aesthetic priorities of black women during the emergence of second-wave feminism in America.

Institutional Development

The V&A’s, London, Exhibition Road Quarter is now open, providing a courtyard as well as a gallery intended to house temporary exhibitions.

Creative Endeavours

Australian born Jules Wright nurtured original female talent through the Women’s Playhouse Trust and founded the Wapping Project in 1981.

Reformed Creation

Design Frontiers offers the work of 30 leading international designers renowned for shaping and leading their respective disciplines.

Fluctuating Ideals

If art represents the transitions within culture, what are we learning about systematically labelling bodies?

Public Illumination

Jenny Holzer’s projections take over Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire. Working with veterans of recent conflicts, the work fills the interiors.

International Showcase

Aesthetica Art Prize shortlisted artist Alinka Echeverría has been selected for the 2017 Foam Talent Call, an internationally renowned platform.

AAP: Contemporary Curating

Jennifer Alexander, Curator of Art at York Art Gallery, sheds light on exhibition practices and curating for the 21st century audience.

Community Ideals

The Vitra Design Museum presents an alternative to an increasingly urbanised society where affordable housing seems like an unattainable idea.

Dynamic Gradations

“Love happens here” is a phrase found across London this month. The Photographers’ Gallery who show their solidarity with an offsite exhibition.

5 To See: This Weekend

22-23 July. Offering a global perspective on digital and societal changes, these exhibitions document the pivotal transitions of an era.

Visualising Unrest

The 1980s were a turbulent time in Britain; this decade is the focus of The Place is Here, an exhibition set between the South London Gallery and MIMA.

Documenting History

Kurt Tong’s (b. 1977) current exhibition The Queen, The Chairman and I, reflects upon the self as an amalgamation of disparate parts.

Illuminating Space

Gleaming Lights of the Souls by Yayoi Kusama remains a beautiful part of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Excavating Identities

White Cube’s latest exhibition reveals how there is a vast and raging female presence amongst those associated with the surrealist movement.

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