Redressing the Balance

The arts industry, like any other, still carries a certain amount of imbalance. Ahead of Future Now, Amira Gad, Serpentine Gallery, looks directly at the issue.

Evolving Art Forms

The digital age has changed our perceptions of physical space. Leading practitioners swap traditional media for the language of technology .

Exploring Solitude

The vastness of the Scandinavian landscape is highlighted in Norway Contemporary! currently on show at Museum Kunst der Westküste.

Emotional Theatricality

Encompassing 40 photographs, Silver Lake Drive is a major new exhibition that marks the first mid-career survey of Alex Prager at The Photographers’ Gallery.

Future Now: Idea Generation

It is less than a month to go until the Future Now Symposium, a two day event which brings together leading arts organisations.

New Dimensions

A new exhibition of works by Viviane Sassen at the Hepworth Wakefield offers fragmented compositions and hyperreal landscapes.

Illuminating the Everyday

Harry Gruyaert was one of the first European photographers to embrace the potential of colour. His iconic work is on show at Fotomuseum Antwerp.

5 to See: This Weekend

Key fairs, awards and solo shows running 21-22 April celebrate the diversity of human experience through innovative practice.

Enigmatic Landscapes

The cinematic images of photographer Todd Hido are both compelling and melancholy, drawing upon memories of vanished suburban neighbourhoods.

Documenting the Present

The World Photography Organisation announce the overall winners of the Sony World Photography Awards 2018.

Staging Iconography

Anja Niemi returns with an uncanny series that lookg at the iconic image of the cowboy, a symbol largely drawn from the myths of wild west movies.

An Influential Journey

Photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten’s most recent body of work is inspired by the River Thames and its historical significance.

The Power of Moving Image

Ahead of a panel discussion at Future Now, Jasmina Cibic explores how artists’ film is establishing itself as a standalone genre that reflects social attitudes.

Constructed Vision

Blurring the lines between artificiality and reality, Noémie Goudal combines sublime natural landscapes with staged interventions.

Preserving History

Reginald Van de Velde’s images provide an oasis for reflection. A selection of reflective photographs will be showcased at the Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition.

Invented Moments

Dreamy doesn’t do justice to Maia Flore’s images, on show at Galerie Esther Woerdehoff, Paris. Au lieu de ce monde places physicality at the centre.

Contemporary Innovation

Returning with timely programmes, new exhibitors and a fresh layout, Frieze New York is an imaginative arena for the arts.

Media Fragmentation

Shortlisted artist Electra Lyhne-Gold questions the wider impact of advertising by fragmenting the language of publicity.

5 to See: This Weekend

From future cities to manufactured histories, exhibitions open 14-15 April surpass the temporal world to offer new visions of reality.

Sublime Landscapes

Ellen Jantzen unearths new states of reality through digital manipulation, looking beyond the surface to reveal new layers of meaning.

The Role of Art Prizes

Lumen Prize are attending the Aesthetica Future Now Symposium to discuss how prizes help artists to develop. Carla Rapport expands upon the idea.

Sensory Details

Formerly a cinema set painter, Lorenzo Vitturi’s photographic style in infused with performativity. Money Must be Made opens at Flowers Gallery.

Future Greats

The 2018 Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition explores the effects of over-consumption, media stimulation and emotional disconnection in today’s world.

5 to See: This Weekend

The top picks for 7-8 April offer global dialogues, navigating international domains from China to Germany to examine a changing landscape.

Radical Craftsmanship

In an increasingly digital world, a group of practitioners work to keep the bespoke alive at Burning Man, an annual creative gathering.

Dynamic Construction

Perspective Office is a new sustainable building designed by Slash Architects, an award-winning firm that works with a holistic approach.

Uncanny Topographies

A testament to the interdisciplinary nature of photography, Kate Ballis creates unique, colour-drenched images using infrared technology.

The New Artisan

Francesca Canepa rallies against fast fashion. She discusses her new collection, one which translates Japanese tradition into minimalist draping.

Gursky: A Review

The Hayward Gallery has reopened post-refurbishment with a prodigious exhibition by German photographer Andreas Gursky.

A Poignant Journey

In an ever-quickening urban landscape, Steve Macleod’s new series offers a serene alternative; a true vision of wilderness.

Aesthetica Art Prize 2018 Shortlist

The Aesthetica Art Prize is a celebration of emerging and established artists. The 12 shortlisted works define a new vocabulary for life in the 21st century. 

The Undefinable Design

Drawing on the duo’s ethos of looking beyond expectations, a new book from Phaidon tells the story of Snarkitecture’s rise within the industry.

Aesthetica Issue 82 Available Now

The April / May edition captures the zeitgeist of our times. We look at how the world is developing and how art and design are commenting on that.

Limitless Perspectives

A large scale sculptural installation by Philip K. Smith III in collaboration with COS opens during international design fair Salone del Mobile.

Expansive Ideas

Bridging the boundaries between art, culture and philosophy, HowTheLightGetsIn Festival makes sense of the world through a diverse progamme.

New Artists: March 2018

This month’s photographers play with shadows and colour to evoke a variety of emotions surrounding conflicting psychological landscapes.

Aesthetica Future Now Symposium

Future Now provides an imaginative platform for attendees to consider the arts ecosystem within a broader social, political and professional context.

5 to See: This Weekend

The top picks for 24-25 March engage with art history, reinventing traditional approaches through photography and installation.

Rendered Memories

Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington DC, offers an incredibly idiosyncratic installation – a trip down Do Ho Suh’s memory lane.

Endless Vistas

Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris, revisits Ettore Spalletti’s monochromatic, minimalist panels with What is the most profound in a man, is the skin.

TOAF: Engaging Methodologies

Practitioners featured at The Other Art Fair explore and subvert the everyday through new and surprising methods.

Responses to Globalisation

By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in urbanised surroundings. Current exhibitions embrace, escape and offer solutions to this issue.

New York Times: Art Leaders Network

New York Times invites a mix of practitioners, industry experts and prolific tastemakers to discuss the most pressing issues in art today.

Vital Perspectives

Only 30% of artists represented by commercial galleries are women. Exhibitors at Photo London foreground a strong female presence.

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