5 To See This Weekened

5 To See This Weekened

This week’s 5 to see focuses on the idea of juxtaposition. The Griffin Gallery, alongside Tiwani Contemporary and Anne Doran, look into the contrast of the past and the present, documenting the complex relationship between modern-day society and earlier periods. In Cactopia, collective cultural anxieties are placed amongst elements of fantasy in a disorientating relationship between reality and fiction. This concept is also shown in Martine Gutierrez’s striking union between the authenticity and the counterfeit, as shown through a disconcerting combination of the human and the mannequin.

Martine Gutierrez, Humannequin, Anna Marra Contemporanea, Rome

Every element of Gutierrez’s compositions is intricately controlled, from styling, costume, lighting and posing. In a new photographic series, she models either beside or as a mannequin in an evocative examination of reality. At first glance, observers are unable to distinguish the genuine from the fake, thus, it is necessary for viewers to look beyond appearances to see the truth.  www.annamarracontemporanea.com

Field Work, Tiwani Contemporary, London

Artists who have rooted their practice in a deep examination of history take centre stage at this engaging exhibition in a thorough and intricate reading of past and present. Through a range of retrospective strategies, the compositions take a narrative approach to history, delving through archives to rediscover the facts and fictions lost to collective cultural memory.  www.tiwani.co.uk

Anne Doran, Analogs, Invisible Exports, New York

From coming into the creative limelight in the late 20th century with large-scale aluminium wall installations, Doran continues this method in collages enlarged as monumental pieces. The reliefs are trans-historical, with some newly conceived and others decades-old, this powerful contrast investigates the different generations of mass-media culture. www.invisible-exports.com

I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper, Griffin Gallery, London

The central concept to this display is conflict. As both the name of a famous 1978 song, and the title of Glenn Brown’s rendition of a Rembrandt, the media and popular culture clash with the venerated Old Masters. This complex, illogical and subversive relationship between ages is manifested through multidisciplinary depictions of the relationship of contemporary practitioners to the historical art canon. www.griffingallery.co.uk

Cacotopia, Anna Kultys Gallery, London

Unfolding over the course of five weeks, this group exhibition comments on collective anxieties, punctuated with elements of the fantastical as a method of coping. Multi-media installations transform the gallery into an active space for participation with immersive and culturally relevant environments. www.annkakultys.com

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1. Martine Gutierrez, Humannequin (2016). Courtesy of the artist and Anna Marra Contemporanea. 

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