5 To See This Weekend

As the autumn chill sets in, this weekend is the perfect time to seek refuge in the hottest exhibitions around the world. From the blustery streets of Gateshead to the warming city haze of Los Angeles, there’s ample opportunity to find a warming weekend treat this October. Here’s a look at five of the best shows on offer this Saturday and Sunday.

1. Simon Roberts: Pierdom, Flowers Gallery, London.
Britain’s landmark piers, evocative of forgotten summer days on the beach, heady days of the music hall and a retreat from the chaos of the city, come into focus in this latest exhibition of photographs from Simon Roberts (b.1974). Tracing the historical narrative of the pier from Victorian industrialism to the post-war boom to the 21st century downturn, Roberts’ grand, picturesque works, brought together through an extensive three year study, celebrate the pier as an unforgettable symbol of both the British coast line and of a sense of national identity.

2. Matthew Porter: Greet the Dust, M+B, Los Angeles.
Darting from Matisse and Braque-inspired multiple-exposure still life to vistas of Tansania and Montana, this third solo exhibition from Matthew Porter (b.1975) revels in layering up multiple planes of images into a collage of colour and exciting ideas. Expect provoking connections between Herbert Matter posters, Arne Jacobsen chairs, Navajo blankets and ash from a destroyed artist’s studio alongside the remains of the elusive Tasmanian tiger- a real foray into the unusual and intriguing.

3. Heather Phillipson, yes, surprising is existence in the post-vegetal cosmorama, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead.
In this latest exhibition from Heather Phillipson (b.1978), visitors are invited to step into a multi-layered interior of hidden and revealed structures, containing moving images, sounds and machines. Featuring three videos snuggled into custom-made environments, audiences get lost down myriad portals and surprising enclosures. ‘Cardiovascular Vernacular is a new audiovisual walking tour, and takes visitors beyond the warmth of the gallery to adventure out into the city streets.

4. Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary, 1926–1938, MoMA, New York.
Take a dive into the extraordinary world of breakthrough Surrealist, René Magritte this weekend with MoMA’s latest extensive exhibition on this iconic artist’s life and work. Beginning with the early days of 1926, when new ideas and a desire to create paintings that would “challenge the real world” set Magritte into action, this show stretches up to 1938, on the cusp of a very different age and an impending war. The presentation includes over 80 of Magritte’s paintings, collages and objects and recalls the disorientating sense of displacement, metamorphosis and estrangement from reality that made his work such an indelible part of art’s history.

5. Framed in Print, Foam, Amsterdam.
A nostalgic trip through 40 years of inspiring and inimitable editorial photoshoots in leading Dutch magazines, Framed in Print celebrates the work of five of the most groundbreaking photographers in the world of lifestyle publications. Capturing everything from travel to fashion, these artists recreated the ways in which everyday life could be transformed in imagery, making an organic chicken as beautiful as a Gautier design. This show is a must for those who find no greater pleasure than rifling through the slick and striking pages of a gorgeous magazine.

1. Heather Phillipson immediately and for a short time balloons weapons too-tight clothing worries of all kinds 2013 HD video Image courtesy the artist © Heather Phillipson.