5 To See This Weekend

5 To See This Weekend

This week’s 5 To See poses some interesting questions, in reference to both the social and cultural issues of our time- and to the limits of artistic convention. The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize works to depict the societal values in portraiture, whilst Franceso Jodice and Lothar Baumgarten directly challenge cultural perceptions of societies, both ours and others. Jafar Panahi defies his country’s laws to pursue his art, and Maria Taniguchi creates work that occupies space between two disciplines.

  1. The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize- National Portrait Gallery-

This leading international competition celebrates and promotes the very best in portrait photography from around the world. Welcoming contemporary pieces from young practitioners, and both emerging and established recognised photographers, this event delivers a diverse range of work- and tells the stories behind the creation and conception of each photograph. The featured images explore both traditional and contemporary approaches to portraiture www.npg.org.uk

  1. Francesco Jodice, Cabaret VoltaireGazelli Art House- London

The first solo UK exhibition of the award-winning artist and photographer opens at Gazelli Art House on 18 November.  This photography show highlights four individual bodies of work, all encompassing the themes of participation, networking, anthropometry, storytelling and investigation. Each section explores specific moments in our history, with the ambition to answer social and cultural questions about contemporary scenarios. Worked featured includes What we Want and Sunset Boulevard. www.gazelliarthouse.com

  1. Jafar Panahi, Photos from the Series Les Nuages– Bozar- Brussels.

Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi turned to photography in the wake of his house arrest in 2010, accused of propaganda against the government. Panahi focuses primarily on clouds, because they are the very definition of what is elusive. Nomadic and free, the filmmaker-turned-photographer uses the iconic images of clouds to represent liberty in its purest form. www.bozar.be

  1. Lothar Baumgarten, The ship is going under, the ice is breaking through- Palacio de Cristal-

Lothar Baumgarten’s sculptural and audio work has revealed a new system of possibilities and artistic expression, that in turn questions Western systems of ideologies and thought, as well as our perception of the construction of other cultures. The artist’s oeuvre transforms the ordering principles that define cultural differences, making Baumgarten an innovative artist that highlights the impossibility to separate the Western art and its history from colonialism. www.museoreinasofia.es

  1. Maria Taniguchi- Galeria Perrotin- Hong Kong.

A new Maria Taniguchi exhibition is at Galeria Perrotin, featuring one installation and five brick paintings. Each brick is individually painted, and the work as a whole is constructed over a duration demonstrating the labour and time that goes into each piece. This newest with varying measurements, suggest that they might belong to a larger complete structure, or as parts of an imperceptible whole. The show in its entirety subverts the pictorial strategy of photorealism: they are not simply image or object, they are both. www.perrotin.com



Tilly and Itty, Beitar Illit, from the series Bei Mir Bistui Shein by Kovi Konowiecki. Courtesy of The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize.

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