5 to Read: This Month

5 to Read: This Month

This month’s new publications offer surveys on established contemporary practitioners across a range of industries, from the changing face of architecture to understanding the individual experience within a globalised society.

Jeffery Grove and Terrie Sultan, Keith Sonnier: Until Today, DelMonico Books, Prestel.

Keith Sonnier: Until Today examines a pioneering use of light and neon, depicting key pieces including Rat Tail Exercise (1968) and Ba-O-Ba (1969). By redefining the limits of sculptural form, Sonnier (b. 1941) draws on Louisiana culture, liner, structural forms and the various ways audiences confront art. Coinciding with the publication’s release is an in-depth exhibition of the artist’s portfolio, presented by Parrish Art Museum, New York (30 June-27 January).    

Released 19 June. Find out more here.

Robert McCarter, Grafton Architects, Phaidon.

Founded in 1978 by Yvonne Farrell (b. 1951) and Shelley McNamara (b. 1952), Dublin-based Grafton Architects create public and domestic spaces across the globe, integrating sensitive structures for diverse topographies. Architect and academic Robert McCarter (b. 1955) documents 60 of the company’s best projects and buildings, celebrating a 40 year legacy whilst looking to the future, alluding to the social purpose of design.

Released 29 June. Find out more here.

Noah Charney, The Museum of Lost Art, Phaidon.

By documenting a historic collection of lost, hidden and stolen art, The Museum of Lost Art reveals some of the world’s most exciting pieces, which up to now have been shrouded in mystery. Narrated by art historian and art crime expert Noah Charney (b. 1979), the book moves across iconic periods and movements, illuminating nine key reasons for the loss of work including War, Acts of God and Lost, or Never Was?

Released 4 May. Find out more here.

Alex Prager, Silver Lake Drive, Thames and Hudson.

Silver Lake Drive is the first mid-career survey of Alex Prager’s (b. 1979) strange yet familiar work, featuring more than 120 images and films which portray manipulated Hollywood culture and aerial views of uncanny crowds. Featured in the publication, Polyester (2007), Big Valley (2008) and La Grande Sortie (2015) exemplify how elements of Cindy Sherman’s portraiture and Diane Arbus’ ability to make the stereotypically ugly, beautiful inspire the photographer. Accompanying the book is a survey at The Photographers’ Gallery, London (15 June-14 October).

Released 14 June. Find out more here.

Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen, Exhibit A: Architecture Exhibitions that Made History, Phaidon.

Exploring how buildings, locality and regions are exhibited across the world, Exhibit A: Architecture Exhibitions that Made History examines how curation effects individual and collective perceptions of architectural design. By analysing 80 exhibitions shown between 1948 and 2000, including Venice Architecture Biennale, New York’s World Fair 1964 and Festival of Britain 1951, the publication reveals how contemporary venues learn from the past.

Released 22 June. Find out more here. 

1. Alex PragerSimi Valley (2014), Archival pigment print, 24 × 45 in.