5 To See This Weekend

A focus on digitalisation forms the central strand of this week’s 5 to see. David Hockney embarks on new stylistic ventures through the iPad, whereas Sean Donovan comments on contemporary society through an innovative equipment-based installation. For Björn Schülke, technology acts as both inspiration and a medium for creative expression; complex, mechanical sculptures echo science-fiction. In London, both Amie Siegel and Joachim Koester embrace the possibilities of moving image to comment on a range of socio-political issues.

Sean Donovan, AC Institute, New York

This multifaceted exhibition allows observers to actively experience memory through recordings. In referencing the way in which we are constantly observed, Donovan contemplates how memories can be relived through technology, without the inaccuracy of human recollection. The installation comprises  “surveillance paintings” where a hidden camera projects an image of the observer. www.acinstitute.org

Joachim Koester, In the Face of Overwhelming Forces, Camden Arts Centre, London

Encompassing film, digital video, photography and audio, a collection of work from the last 12 years are held together by a persistent inquiry into the boundaries of reality, alongside a quest to uncover hidden aspects of perception. Moving image investigates movement which form the basis of many of Koester’s compositions. www.camdenartscentre.org

David Hockney, Digital Drawing, Annely Juda Fine Art, London

Hockney has always embraced new technologies, from polaroids to photoshop and digital film. More recently, he has adopted the iPad, enjoying the freedom that the equipment injects into creative processes. The gallery showcases a series of landscapes, from the artist’s native Yorkshire to the striking terrains of Yosemite National Park, California. www.annelyjudafineart.co.uk

Björn Schülke, Vision Instruments, bitforms gallery, New York Influenced by the idealistic utopia of Space Patrol Orion, a German science fiction television series from 1966, Schülke recollects the technological inventions of the programme: fantastical drones and beam emitting engines. The result is a series of highly-synthetic sculptures that are further augmented bymechanical and electrical components, including solar panels and infrared devices, more akin to industrial design. www.bitforms.com

Amie Siegel, Strata, South London Gallery, London

Across film, video and photography, Siegel is known for precisely constructed works that consider a vast array of issues. The vivid moving image piece Quarry (2015) is shown on a cinematic scal, exposing the complex, intersecting relationships between art, labour and value. www.southlondongallery.org

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1. Joachim Koester, In the Face of Overwhelming Forces. Courtesy of Camden Arts Centre, London.